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Top 5 Dog Tricks Worth Teaching

Dogs are the best! They always love to see us and always love to learn new tricks. Teaching your dog new tricks can be a fun way to bond with them, and it can also help keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Additionally, it’s also never a bad idea to get your dog a dog vest or other cool clothing bits to help your dog feel even more bonded with you.

So, here are five tricks you can teach your dog. These tricks will keep your pup engaged and entertained, which is essential for a happy and healthy dog. It may also be good to let your dog play sports as that also can be healthy for the dog’s wellbeing. Also, in case you’re worried about your dog’s age being an issue, according to PetMD, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

1). Roll-Over

This is a very simple trick to teach your dog. First, lure them to sit with a treat, then slowly move their paw up to your hand. Say "roll over" as they do this. When they roll over, give them a treat and lots of praise. Soon your dog won't hesitate to sit on command!

2). High Five

This is another very easy trick to teach your dog. Start by getting your puppy excited about doing tricks. Use a treat to lure them into a seat, then slowly raise one paw towards you and say "high five". Most dogs crave treats and praise, so they will probably lift their paw themselves. Repeat the process until they get it right, and soon you'll have a dog that can high-five on command.

3). Play Dead

This is another trick that requires your puppy to sit still before moving into a play position. First, pull out their favorite toy or ball and say "sit." When they sit down, put the toy down and say "play dead". Hold the treat in front of their nose and slowly slide it down towards the floor. When they follow the treat by their nose, use your hand to gently push them to the side. They will eventually understand that playtime is over when you ask them to play dead.

4). Fetching Something

This classic game is a great way to get your dog moving and burning off some energy. Start by throwing the toy a short distance and saying "fetch". When your puppy runs for a toy, praise them and give them a treat when they bring it to you. Slowly increase the throw distance and soon your dog will retrieve on command!

5). Paw

This trick is easy to learn if you have a willing puppy. Start by getting them excited about tricks and then lure them into a seat with a treat. Once they are sitting, hold their paw in one of yours and say "paw". Give them a treat and lots of praise when they lift their paw up. Repeat the process until they get it right and soon you'll have a dog that will give you a high five or shake your hand!


These are just some tricks to get you started. Be creative and come up with your own tricks to entertain and amuse your dog. And always praise them when they do something right – dogs love attention and positive reinforcement. Have fun with your puppy! Compliments to Emotional Pet Support for helping provide this new addition of information to the list of information platform!