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The World’s Best Places to Live

The World’s Best Places to Live

What defines a fantastic country? For many, it’s a lively neighborhood, with affordable food and drinks, and a wide array of activities like visiting museums to music and theatre. Others might highlight things like the happiness of its locals, access to parks, and a strong sense of close-knit community vibes.

In our annual survey, we consider all that and more, asking people living in different cities worldwide to tell us what it’s like to live, work, and enjoy life in their local areas. With valuable input, the sights of locals on the ground, and our team of city experts worldwide, we can create a global ranking of the World’s best cities and 2024 rankings have been released.

Beyond the wealth and accomplishments that a country amasses lies the ultimate driving force that propels it to global leadership and its citizens.

As in the previous year, the overall ranking continues to rely on our global survey of the people who know their city best: the locals. Teaming up with research firm Potentia Insight, we surveyed thousands of dwellers about the quality and affordability of food, culture, and nightlife offerings in their country and city. Here is some thorough research, on why selecting an affordable and perfect place to live is essential for enhancing your quality of life and overall enjoyment.

Top Countries to Live in the World, 2024

1. Netherlands:

The Netherlands is a tiny country in Western Europe, renowned for its colourful tulips, windmills, and picturesque rivers. Most people want to be in peaceful places rather than the busiest places, so the Netherlands is the best choice to live in.  With a population of over 16 million, its residents benefit from top-notch social services, including education and healthcare.

The country’s well-managed and corruption-free society makes it an appealing choice for people looking to become citizens, along with its abundance of tourist spots.

2. Germany:

Most people prefer to live in Germany, because of the amenities it offers to their people. These amenities include numerous social services, like public education, welfare, excellent infrastructure, and universal health care.

Germany is called “The Land of Ideas” because of its strong background in technology and research facilities. The nation has earned the top spot in people's hearts worldwide and is recognized as the largest economy in Europe. The country's consistent growth in many areas of technology has led to lower unemployment rates and contributed to economic prowess. These aspects make Germany a worthwhile living place for those seeking citizenship.

3. New Zealand:

Located in the Southern hemisphere, this island nation is divided into two main regions the North Island and the South Island, with a population of over 4 million individuals. New Zealand is a favourite destination for many around the globe.

It is celebrated for its breathtaking natural scenery, exceptional education and healthcare services, abundant opportunities for individuals, and efficient governance. A standout feature of New Zealand is its dedication to peacekeeping and global security, making it a safe and welcoming place for visitors and locals

4. Canada:

Canada stands out as the sole nation in North America that has made it to the list of the best countries to settle in.  Additionally, Canada offers a wide diversity of experiences for both residents and visitors.

The distinction is attributed to the unlimited opportunities it offers to its citizens. Being renowned as the richest country globally, Canada ensures its citizens a high quality of life by reducing taxes. It is also recognized for its effective governance, high degree of individual freedom, low employment rates, and diverse career opportunities for students. The collective qualities make it an ideal country to lead a fulfilling life.

5. Sweden:

Sweden is frequently ranked among the top countries for citizenship, as per the Better Life Index, Sweden stands above many other nations, due to its flexibility in adopting ideal opportunities for both visitors and locals.

Residing in Sweden offers a superior quality of life, strong infrastructure gender, equality, excellent health care, and equal distribution of human rights. Overall, Sweden citizen enjoys an elevated standard of living with no discrimination based on colour, race, or religion.

6. Norway:

Norway is renowned for its stunning landscape, offers a high standard of living, and strong social welfare system, along with diverse opportunities for students seeking quality education. With a focus on environmental sustainability, well-being healthcare, and an ideal education system, Norway offers its visitors and residents a prosperous and inclusive society to thrive in.

Norway is an amazing place to consider for living a high-standard life, it radiates many opportunities for its people.

Norway can be a good option for people who appreciate nature and want to live close to natural elements

7. Denmark:

Denmark is an exceptional choice for living due to its high quality of life, and dedication to environmental sustainability. The country offers free education, universal health care, parental leave policies, ensuring comprehensive support, and provides a secure environment ideal for families.

Its vibrant cultural landscape is rich in museums, historic sites and always welcoming buildings with advanced infrastructure. Furthermore, Denmark’s strong economy, low unemployment rates, and advantageous position in Northern Europe make it an ideal place for individuals seeking personal and professional growth.

Best Countries to Live in the World, 2024:











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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best city to move in 2024?

1) Naples, Florida.

2) Boise, Idaho.

3) Colorado Springs, Colorado.

4) Greenville, South Carolina.

5) Charlotte, North Carolina.

6) Raleigh, North Carolina.

7) Huntsville, Alabama.

8) Virginia Beach, Virginia.

2. What is the best city to visit in 2024?

Nairobi: One of the top-ranked cities in 2024 to live in. Lonely Planets’s “Best in Travel 2024” list showcases 10 travel destinations within four categories

C.ountries, cities, sustainability, and value.

3. What is the best country to visit in 2024?

Some top-notch countries to visit in 2024;

1. France

2. Singapore

3. Germany

4. Italy

5. Japan

6. Spain