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Luxor Temple Facts & Secrets about the Temple of Luxor in Upper Egypt

Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple or Wast temple southern one or harem temple these were some of the names given to this fully historic temple locates on the Nile east bank of Luxor. Was connected to the other big temple of el karnak with a road of sphinxes on two sides which runs for about 3 k.m.

Luxor Temple History:

Luxor Temple was built in his older inner part by king amonhoteb the 3rd who had his harem palace nearby it, it was roughly about the 14th b.c.

Later his son crown prince ،who is well-known buy Akhenaten ruled the country this king was full of Mystery until now we cannot tell a lot about him this Pharaoh called himself Akhenaten which means the Living spirit of the god, or the glory of the god 

But his ideas about believing in one god were not accepted by the priestess of the God Amun who had a great influence in Thebes the ancient capital of Egypt so the king found that his town is going to be a big battle between the people who believed in his god and others who followed their priests of Amun for that reason the king decided to leave the town of Thebes and decided to build a new capital for Egypt which he called akht_aten    which means the Horizon of aton he continued ruling the country for about 12 years after that but actually we are not sure what happened for him but everything says that he was murdered and his young  9 years old son king Tutankhamen got the throne of Egypt.

Luxor Temple is one of the important archaeological sites in Luxor, which you can go to by booking Hurghada Excursions to Luxor or a private Luxor Day Trip or by bus with a group and enjoy your vacation in Egypt.

The best time to visit Luxor and the Luxor Temple is from October to the end of March when the temperatures are moderate and beautiful. It is not recommended to go to Luxor Temple in the summer, when the temperatures are very high, reaching above 50 degrees.

Luxor Temple Facts:

  • This young pharaoh got two regents ruling the country behind him, Ay and Hormoheb
  • Both convinced him to come back to Thebes and changed his name to Tutankhamun.
  • As he became a partner with his legal half-sister Ankh s n ba amen on the throne. 
  • The temple got a famous 14 huge papyrus-shaped columns in the middle that take you to the open court of the public prayer.
  • The other famous flower the lotus also got represented in the chanting colonnaded area which comes after the open court as the public depends on the echo sound which comes out of the columns to listen to the priest's chanting and praying.
  • The Coptic history was as well represented in the 4th-century church to the south of it.
  • Passing this section, you see the chapel of Alexander the Great was built on some old colonnaded area to mark his very welcomed arrival to Egypt.
  • Back to the first pylon which was built later by Rameses 2nd, the facade of the temple nowadays and his famous Kaddish battle was represented.

Top Secrets

  • No one can't see it; the huge granite one single piece obelisk stands by the gate almost unhappy as her second friend obelisk was gifted to France by the Egyptian ruler Mohammed Ali about 1820.
  • behind that massive entrance there are More than 10 colossal statues were done for his majesty Rameses the 2nd still existed nearby the old Fatimid mosque which goes back to 1000 a.d
  • Which is known as Abu elhagag mosque 
  • The temple was connected to the northern temple el Karnak with a 3 k.m road known as the sphinx Avenue, which is been under restoration nowadays.

Details Luxor temple:

Address: East Bank, Luxor, Egypt.

Opening Hours: From 08:00 am to 16:30 pm

Entrance Ticket for Adults= 180 EGP

Entrance Ticket for kids” above the age of 6 to 12″ =90 EGP

Entrance Ticket for kids” from 0 to 5″ = Free

Entrance Ticket for the students = 90 EGP