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SEMrush vs. Ubersuggest: Which SEO Tool is better for you?

SEMrush vs. Ubersuggest

Each year, Google continues to make new policies, which make it difficult for business websites to rank. For SEO experts, it has become even more time-consuming to do keyword research, use audit sites, and fix bugs.

Therefore, knowing which SEO tools are available and the best has become important for success. SEMrush and Ubersuggest have become two of the most-wanted SEO tools of this time. There is a good reason for this. 

First, both of these tools offer some amazing features that help experts plan the most effective SEO strategies and improve their performance. If you want to know which is better, continue reading to know the answer:

Introduction: SEMrush vs. Ubersuggest

1. What is SEMrush?

In short, SEMrush is an online visibility management platform. It offers all the solutions you need for successful SEO, PPC, social media, and content management campaigns.

It offers competitive research and analysis to help you make great marketing strategies for your business. It is an all-in-one tool, which helps you improve your brand's visibility by discovering your market insights.

2. What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is a free and paid SEO tool, which mainly helps you generate new keyword ideas for your online marketing campaigns. Originally, it was a tool used to scrape Google Suggest terms. Recently, Neil Patel acquired it. He has extended its features to make it significantly better as an SEO tool.

Using it helps you grow your website traffic with the best keyword ideas for your niche. You can say it is a great content marketing tool, often used, endorsed, and recommended by SEO experts.

Unique Features: SEMrush vs. Ubersuggest

1. SEMrush Features

The main features that make SEMrush an outstanding SEO tool are:

  • Competitive analysis – This feature tells you which websites are your immediate competitors. This information helps you decide what challenges to work towards to overthrow your immediate competition. 
  • Competitor PR Monitoring – This feature tells you the strong qualities or winning qualities and reputation-building strategies the competition is using. With this information, you can re-center your marketing strategy to get back into the game. 
  • Competitor SEO Analysis – This powerful feature tells you a quick and very accurate SEO analysis of your competitor. You can use the information to decide which keywords to focus on to make your website rank better on Google and other search engines.
  • Content Optimization – For SEO to be successful, using the right keywords and placement is essential. SEMrush tells you what keywords to use in your content so that it helps your website or content rank better. 
  • Content Creation and Distribution – This feature offers educative guidance on the type of content your competition is using and which will benefit your business. You can see where the competitor has distributed his/her content for great PR and follow their lead to keep pace in the competition.
  • Content Marketing – Although it seems like an easy task, content marketing is not that easy. It needs proper research into trending topics and informative content. Using SEMrush helps you plan the best content topics to get more traffic. 
  • Content Marketing Analytics – This feature tells you which content is ranking better and helps you plan similar content. It offers an insight into what your audience likes and makes content marketing more effective. 
  • Keyword Research – Experts end up spending several hours on keyword research, but with SEMrush, you get all the information in one place. It gathers the data and presents it to you so that you can check its analytics and select the best keywords for your marketing campaigns.
  • Local SEO – SEMrush gives you an insight into the local SEO of your website and provides suggestions on the best keywords to use. 
  • Market Analysis – This feature offers you an instant real-time market analysis using competitive analysis. You can see where your business stands in the market and which competitors you need to beat to win the market.
  • Link Building – This feature is very useful. It tells you where your competitor has posted blogs for link building. Using this information, you can then plan a similar or better backlinking strategy by targeting the same or other suggested websites. 
  • On-page SEO – SEO experts love using SEMrush for on-page SEO because it tells you what keywords are ranking well and which ones are not. This information helps you plan the on-page content better and write better content to help your website rank better.
  • Website Monetization – For businesses or individuals who monetize their websites, this tool helps them plan better content to get more related traffic.
  • Paid Advertising – You can use SEMrush to spy on your competition’s paid advertising. This information helps you make even better ad copies and offer to win more customers.
  • PPC Keyword Research –For businesses that invest in paid advertising, knowing which keywords to use is necessary. SEMrush is a great tool that makes PPC keyword research effective for paid advertising. This feature helps you plan effective paid campaigns in Google ads, to target the best customers with high potential to convert based on their searches.
  • Rank Tracking – As you work on both on-page and off-page SEO, knowing the progress is both encouraging and keeps you focused. SEMrush presents the best rank tracking for every keyword. 
  • Social Media Management – This feature tells you how your business is performing on social media and its PR. With this information, you can plan effective paid and free social media marketing campaigns to engage your potential customers better. 

2. Ubersuggest Features

Ubersuggest is mainly a keyword research tool and limited in the features it offers, as compared to SEMrush. Here are its strengths:

  • Domain Overview – It summarized details like the organic keywords the website is ranking for on Google. Organic monthly traffic generated domain score, and backlinks (both do-follow and no-follow).
  • Site Audit – This feature analyses your website for issues. It tells you the overall health of your website and tells you how good its structure is. Sometimes, unfixed issues harm the website and its ranking. Identifying the issues allows you to fix them to help your SEO.
  • Top SEO Pages – This feature helps you know which of your competitor pages are ranking for some very good organic keywords. This can help you plan the content better to increase your website traffic.
  • Backlink Data – The backlink tool gives you a complete profile of valuable backlinks targeting specific keywords so you can know what your competitors are doing and plan your backlinks.
  • Keyword Suggestions – This feature helps you identify long-tail phrases with low competition to make ranking easier. You also get to see keyword volume trends, ranking difficulty, cost per click, and the level of SEO difficulty.
  • Content Ideas – This section shows you the top-ranking pages for specific keywords that are ideal for your business. This feature also shows how many people visit certain pages for the specific keyword per month, as well as the backlink profile.

Comparison of SEMrush and Ubersuggest

Let us compare some very important features of both of these tools to help you understand which is best for your business needs.

Keyword research: SEMrush vs. Ubersuggest

1. SEMrush Keyword research

SEMrush does a better job of keyword research because it is designed for SEO purposes. Within seconds, it runs a detailed analysis of the different organic keywords that are ideal for your domain. It also presents a comparison based on your competitor analysis. 

2. Ubersuggest Keyword research

Ubersuggest is designed specifically for keyword research, not for SEO reasons. It helps with better content marketing and has some limitations in keyword research. Nonetheless, it is good enough if you are looking for content ideas.

Traffic Analyzer: SEMrush vs. Ubersuggest

1. SEMrush Traffic Analyzer

SEMrush can run a detailed or in-depth traffic analysis. Once you enter your competitor's domain, SEMrush tells you an overview of the website traffic, audience insights, traffic journey, and the top pages.

It breaks it down by keyword. If there are subdomains then it also provides a comparison of the website traffic, email campaigns, mobile and desktop audiences, etc.

2. Ubersuggest Traffic Analyzer

Ubersuggest does not have a traffic analyzer; however, it has a keyword analyzer. As mentioned earlier this tool is designed for keyword research as opposed to SEMrush, which is a complete SEO tool. 

Competitive Analysis: SEMrush vs. Ubersuggest

If you are looking for competitive analysis, then you need to know the following facts when it comes to choosing between SEMrush and Ubersuggest. 

1. SEMrush Competitive Analysis

SEMrush tells you a lot more about your competition.

It gives you a breakdown of the traffic analytics, market explorer, organic research, backlink analytics, keyword gap, backlink gap, advertising research, display advertising, PLA research, brand monitoring, topic research, post tracking, and social media tracker.

2. Ubersuggest Competitive Analysis

Ubersuggest on the other hand is very limited in this feature. It only provides a traffic overview, keywords by traffic, top pages by traffic, and similar websites.

Backlinks: SEMrush vs. Ubersuggest

1. SEMrush Backlinks

This tool provides an in-depth analysis of the backlinks your competitor website has. You can know all incoming backlinks and plan your outreach campaigns to beat your competition. 

2. Ubersuggest Backlinks

The backlink tool gives you a summarized data of valuable backlinks targeting specific keywords. It is less useful in this regard as compared to SEMrush.

Site Audit: SEMrush vs. Ubersuggest

Both tools have this feature and offer a good insight into the domain of health. 

1. SEMrush Site Audit

This feature is otherwise known as the domain overview, and it tells you the issues and health of your domain. Highlighting the issues allows you to fix them so that your website can rank better on search engines. 

2. Ubersuggest Site Audit

This feature gives you an insight into the existing issues on the website and helps you fix problems that are hindering its SEO success. 

Ease of Use: SEMrush vs. Ubersuggest

Everyone wants easy-to-use tools. Both SEMrush and Ubbersuggest have a similar orientation and dashboard. Using them is easy; however, SEMrush offers a much easier-to-understand breakdown of different tools. 

Pricing Plan: SEMrush vs. Ubersuggest

1. SEMrush Pricing Plan

SEMrush is available in the free version and has limited features. If you want to use the complete tool, you can subscribe to the Pro ($119.95/month), Guru ($229.95/month), or Business ($449.95 per month) packages. Available features vary with the prices. 

2. Ubersuggest Pricing Plan

Ubersuggest has a free version with limited features. You can explore the full free trial version, but the trial version ends after 7 days. You can subscribe to the individual ($12/month), Business ($20 per month), or Enterprise ($40 per month) packages. Available features vary with the prices. 


To wrap it up, it is clear that SEMrush is a better SEO tool than Ubersuggest. There are limitations in Ubersuggest because its original design aimed to serve as a keyword research tool. To make the most out of SEMrush, it is highly recommended to get the paid version.