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Top 20 World’s Best SEO Tools Of 2021

Verified: Best SEO Tools of 2021

Digital marketers constantly rely on tools that can boost the rating of the site in the search for customers and potential revenue. This has become even more relevant for those who rely heavily on content marketing. Therefore, it is critical to decide the best SEO tools (Verified) to help keep the company's website rank high in SERPs and to improve brand awareness and get more than the targeted traffic. 

The marketing industry has grown and transformed enormously, and one way to obtain more online traffic is by content optimization, which can be a little tricky to execute at first. Perfecting SEO optimization can be difficult particularly if you are just starting. Luckily, we have countless SEO tools that can help you a lot in mastering the trick, and choosing the right SEO tool has never been simpler because we have included all of them on this list of our top 20 world's best SEO tools of 2021

What Are SEO Tools? 

The best SEO tools are a blessing, they help you tremendously to quickly optimize your website so that when search engine robots crawl into your website, they find it perfectly optimize and ready to be ranked higher in the SERPs. SEO tool allows webmasters to rank higher in search engine rankings. This helps to refine web content by evaluating keyword content, inbound links, and other SEO factors. 

Best SEO tools explore the possibility of web sites to rank high on search engine result pages. They have statistics on inbound links and keywords as well as the perspective of SEO rivalry on the Internet. They are a great way to easily engage with your audience and boost the image and value of your brand or business.  

How Do SEO Tools Works? 

SEO tools rescue you from exhausting keyword research and data analysis. With these best SEO methods, you will see what is going on. You will discover the facets of the strategy that could assist you with some kind of modification. The best SEO tools will provide information on how you compare with rivals, where most opportunities are, and how your website is performing. In short, SEO resources are a gift and the most awesome way to refine your content and improve online visibility. 

Search engines such as Google and Bing use robots to crawl web sites, to go from one site to another, to gather information about those websites, and to place them in an index. The algorithm then evaluates pages in the database, taking into consideration hundreds of ranking variables or signals, to decide which order pages can appear in the search results for a given search. This is where the best SEO tools are aiming to benefit you. It helps you to do extensive competitor's strategy research and see how they are working and what rank they are getting; it also lets you spy on backlinks profile and run SEO audit reports and do keyword research.

List Of Top 20 Best SEO Tools of 2021

Many tools can be considered the best SEO tools, but here we present the top 20 best SEO tools which we approached and tried from different perspectives and complied them to make it easier for you. They all are:

NumberNameThumbnailRatingPricesDownload Link
per month

per month

3SE Ranking
per month
4SEO Profiler
per month
5SERP Stats8/10$69.00
per month
6PRO Rank Tracker
per month

per month
8Site Analyzer
per month

9Keyword Revealer
per month

10Idev Affiliate7/10
 per month
11First Man CO
per month

12SEO Bility
per month
per month
per month

15Net Peak Software
per month

16My Site Auditor
per month

17Rank Active
per month

18SERP Woo5/10
per month
19Keyword Keg5/10
per month
20Ninja Outreach5/10
per month

SEO Tools Features: 

Now you know our 20 best SEO tools, let us tell you about some features that possess. So, let us dive right into it:

1. SEMrush:

SEO marketing resources like SEMrush seem to be a beloved tool in the SEO world. Professionals love a tool that helps you quickly reviews your rankings as well as acknowledge improvements and potential ranking possibilities. One of the most common features of this SEO tool is Domain vs. Domain Analysis, which helps you to quickly equate your website with your opponents.

1) Is SEMrush free to use?

SEMrush offers a free 7-day trial but with limited resources. Apart from the trial, you have to choose a subscription account to use this tool, as this is not a free SEO tool.

2) Where does SEMrush get its data from?

Keywords in global databases are all expected to change their ranking data every month. This way, the data you take from SEMrush is focused on the current state of Google's most recent search pages.

3) How much does SEMrush cost?

SEMrush's price starts at $99.95 a month. Here is how much SEMrush charges for a user: Pro Plan: $99.95 monthly. Guru Plan: $199.95 a month.

4) What is SEMrush used for?

SEMrush is an SEO ranking tool that does your keyword analysis, monitors the keyword approach used by your rivals, does an SEO audit of your blog, scans for inbound marketing opportunities, and more.

5) Is SEMrush accurate?

SEMrush is considered to be the less reliable and accurate instrument, underestimating the aggregate traffic for all pages by 30%.

SEMrush Pricing & Plan:

2. KWfinder:

KWFinder helps you identify long-tail keywords with a lower degree of competition. Professionals use this best SEO tool to identify the right keywords and perform backlink and SERP reports. This SEO ranking tracker tool lets you quickly assess your rating when measuring your progress based on a single main metric.

1) What is KWfinder?

KWfinder is one of the best SEO ranking tools and helps you to find relevant keywords with fewer competitors.

2) Is KWfinder an accurate SEO ranking tool?

KWFinder Keyword Complexity is (one) the most accurate in the industry. Many research studies demonstrate that the keyword analysis will be center on the correct evidence that you can trust.

3) Is KWfinder free?

No! KWfinder offers a 10-day trial but after that, you have to pay to use all the resources.

4) How much does KWfinder cost?

KWfinder has three monthly subscriptions starting from 29.99$ a month to 79.99$ a month.

5) How to start using KWfinder?

All you have to do is visit their site, choose your pricing plan, or opt for a 10-day free trial and they will guide you at every step from there.

KWfinder Pricing & Plan:

3. SE Ranking:

SE Ranking is one of the best keyword analytics tools that you can use for your site, also you get reliable statistics, comprehensive reviews and analyses, and even additional tools that help you conduct more tasks such as reviewing backlinks profile and analyzing the amount of organic and paid visitors that your rivals get. This simplicity and durability is an important tool for SEO practitioners.

1) What is the SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is one of the best SEO tools, which saves you to do extensive keyword research, costly site audits, checking backlinks profile, and much more.

2) Is SE Ranking free to use?

SE Ranking is not a free SEO tool; however, you can choose a 14-day trial to be acquainted with all the tools it offers.

3) How much does the SE Ranking cost?

SE Ranking has different pricing plans with different services. Their pricing plan starts from 31$ a month to 151$ a month.

4) Is SE Ranking a good tool to use?

Yes! SE Ranking is a good tool to use, we will not say it is comparable to some high-end SEO tools but according to its pricing plans, it delivers some good services with high-quality results.

5) Is SE Ranking better than SEO Profiler?

SE Ranking is a better SEO tool than the SEO Profiler due to its amazing pricing plans and a high rating in every service.

SE Ranking Pricing & Plan:

4. SEO Profiler:

SEO Profiler helps you get more exposure and boost your search results rankings as well. With SEO Profiler, you can do regular ranking tests so that you can determine the status of your ranking. You may also run automatic audits to find any problems relevant to your website. With SEO Profiler, you can quickly optimize both on-page and off-page and get insights for your website as well. It is a good approach and lets you boost your rankings and get more SEO rankings.

1) What is SEO Profiler?

SEO Profiler is a software application that lets you get higher ranks on Google and other search engines. With strong search engine scores, you will get more page users, more clients, and more revenue.

2) Is SEO Profiler a free SEO tool?

No! SEO Profiler is not a free SEO tool; however, you can get a 7-day free trial to test out their features.

3) How much does SEO Profiler cost?

SEO Profiler has different packages for small-scale companies to big enterprises. Their packages start from 69.95$ a month to 999.95$ a month.  

4) Can I change my SEO Profiler plan?

Yes! You can easily order a new plan and change your existing one from their website.

5) Why should I use SEO Profiler than other tools?

SEO Profiler is very convenient to use and saves you a lot of time, it also helps in every aspect of site optimization and works like a one-stop solution platform where you can access all the services you need.

Seo Profiler Pricing & Plan:

5. SERP stats:

SERP stats is one of our favorite best SEO tools and If you're looking for an inexpensive all-in-one platform to solve SEO challenges, evaluate rivals, and handle your staff, SERP stat would be a perfect pick. SERP stat is famous for its awesome feature, Missed Keywords, that detects keywords that your competitors rank among the top-10 search results, and you are not.

1) What is SERP stat?

SERP stats is an all-in-one SEO ranking tool that helps to tackle SEP problems like evaluating and analyze traffic, competitors' sites, keyword research, and many more.

2) Is SERP stat free to use?

No! SERP stat is not a free SEO tool. You will have to choose a pricing plan upon registration.

3) How much does SERP Stat cost?

SERP stats have different packages to offer to start with 69$ a month going up to 400$ a month. It also offers packages that will be charged monthly and annually.

4) Should we use SERP stats?

SERP stat is no doubt one of the best SEO tools in the industry and helps you in every aspect to grow and flourish your website so we recommend that you use it.

5) Does SERP stats offer site audit?

Yes! SERP stats offer an extensive range of tools including an SEO audit tool.

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6. PRO Rank Tracker

It is an amazing SEO ranking tool, which is a web-based solution and offers search engine optimization by monitoring, API usage, rankings, and more. PRO ranking tool is the best SEO tool for all companies that assist with customer service, monitoring, smartphone apps, ranking, review, multi-language support, and more. 

1) What is the PRO Rank Tracker? 

PRO Rank Tracker is an SEO ranking too, which can perform many services for you including auditing, keyword tracking, localization, competitor analysis, and rank tracking. 

2) Does the PRO Rank Tracker offer a free trial account? 

Yes! It does offer a free trial account that is amazing to test out all the features and decide if you want to invest in this tool or not. 

3) Is PRO Rank Tracker free to use? 

No! It is not a free SEO tool but their pricing packages are very affordable compared with the outstanding services they offer and they also offer a free trial account.  

4) How much does PRO Rank Tracker cost? 

PRO Rank Tracker has different tier pricing levels which for small-scale work starts from 19$ a month and goes up to 119$ a month whereas enterprise pricing packages begin at 189$ a month and go up to 899$ a month. 

5) Does the PRO Rank Tracker have a good rating on the SEO tools?

Yes! PRO Rank Tracker is one of the best SEO tools due to its credibility, easy to use the platform, and affordable pricing with a wide array of services.

7. Ahrefs:

Our number two best tool is Ahrefs because it is simply the best. You get all the information right here in one place. Learn about keyword movements, present position, keywords for which your competitors are ranking, and more. It also tells what keywords your competitors are using for their Google advertisements. This allows you to beat your competition without hassles.

It is a well-known SEO and backlinks tool. It audits the site highlighting the information you can use to plan your SEO approach.

1) How Accurate is Ahrefs?

It is the second most-accurate SEO tool available.

2) Is Ahrefs free?

No, it is a paid tool often used by some of the major brands in the world. There is a small price for using it.

3) How much does Ahrefs cost?

It has different pricing plans, varying from $99 to $999 per month. The package worth $99 is known as Lite.

4) Which is better, Ahrefs, or SEMRush?

Based on figures reported by both products, SEMRush has a larger database, which makes it our number 1 on the list.

8. Site Analyzer

Site Analyzer is the most powerful website SEO check and analyzer tool allowing you to increase your click-through rate in search engines. It monitors your keyword ranks and determines the right keyword options for your platform. It also keeps track of the rivals by evaluating their keyword placement and their volume backlinks. It also explores new keywords with the Keyword Analysis app. 

1) Is the site analyzer accurate? 

Yes! It is one of the best SEO tools, website SEO checks, and analyzer, which allows you to analyze your site from different perspectives.  

2) Is the site analyzer free to use? 

No! It is not a free SEO tool. You will have to choose a subscription plan upon registration.  

3) How much does the site analyzer costs? 

The site analyzer has different packages for its services that start from 39$ a month going up to 900$ a month. However, they do offer a free trial account to test out the services.  

4) How is the site analyzer useful? 

A site analyzer is a great SEO audit tool that helps to analyze your site, see where and how it is having issues in the ranking, and then give you a solution to tackle that issue. 

5) What is the system requirement of the site analyzer? 

The site analyzer has no high system criteria. If your machine is running Windows XP and above, you can easily run the software to inspect the web without any problems.

9. Keyword Revealer

Keyword Revealer is a massive time saver for those trying to reveal low-competition keywords. Start concentrating the Search Engine Optimization initiatives on easy-to-use low problem ratings. It includes rewarding, long-tail keywords with search length, CPC, and PPC knowledge Keyword difficulty score in different shades to determine the competition. 

1) What is a keyword revealer? 

Keyword Revealer is an incredibly powerful Search Engine Optimization method for uncovering unnecessary key phrases that score masterfully on Google's Internet search engine. 

2) Is keyword revealer a free SEO tool? 

Keyword revealer does offer a free account with no charges at all but keyword searches are only limited to three searches per day and no competitor keyword search allowed.  

3) How much does keyword revealer cost? 

Keyword revealer has three different packages that allow a different number of keyword searches allowed in a day starting from just 9.97$ per month to 47.97$ a month.  

4) Does the keyword revealer offer a money-back guarantee? 

Yes! Keyword revealer does offer a money-back guarantee, which you can opt for within 7 days of signing up.  

5) Is keyword revealer updated and accurate? 

Yes! Keyword revealer does provide updated and accurate keywords for your website, which they get from the high-ranking sites on search engine result pages.

10. Idev Affiliate

iDevAffiliate has been in the market for more than 15 years and has been the leading affiliation monitoring software in the industry. Using affiliate-monitoring tools for the website is one of the most successful ways to boost revenue. Increase in traffic. Strengthen the SEO. This affiliate app downloads and seamlessly integrates with the current website in just a few minutes. This is recognized as one of the best SEO tools. 

1) What is the Idev Affiliate? 

It is an Affiliate monitoring solution, which helps companies to gain more revenue, traffic, and SEO rankings with built-in models and integration modules. 

2) Is Idev Affiliate a free tool? 

No! It is not a free SEO tool however it does offer a free trial if you are interested in testing out their services.   

3) What is the ideal affiliate software requirement to download it? 

It can be downloaded on any device whether mac or an android one and even if it is a laptop, PC, or tablet/iPad. 

4) How much does Idev Affiliate costs? 

iDevAffiliate price starts at $39.00 a month. They do not have a free version. iDevAffiliate allows a free trial. 

5) Is Idev Affiliate a good SEO tool? 

Yes! It surely is and that is why it belongs in our top best SEO tools list. It helps a website in many ways to increase revenue and gain more traffic.  

11. First

It is again one of the best SEO tools, which can help you tremendously to grow organic traffic and increase revenue. It helps you to optimize your website by providing keywords, backlinks, and keep a competitor analysis to always keep you ahead of your rivals.  

1) What is the First Man. Co? 

The First Man has hundreds of satisfied customers and assisted website owners and bloggers improve their organic influx of traffic by ranking higher on search engines. 

2) Is First a free SEO tool? 

No! It is not a free SEO tool. They have two plans of pricing which you must choose when signing up.  

3) How much does First cost? has two pricing packages that are a starter package which is for 2.30$ per day or 69$ per month. The second package is a premium package that costs around 3.83$ per day or 119$ a month.  

4) Does offer a free trial? 

NO! does not offer a free trial account to concentrate more on their subscribed accounts.  

5) Why is cheaper than other best SEO tools? 

The First Man has lowered the automation and AI costs. They set up macros, tools, and many other things to do better than your rivals.

12. SEO Bility

SEO Bility is one of the best SEO tools. It does an SEO website check to test the entire website by checking all related pages. Errors and issues of on-page optimization are compiled and demonstrated. For constant monitoring, your website can be continuously scanned to monitor the success of your optimization. 

1) SEO Bility is best for what companies? 

SEO Bility is the free best SEO tool for any company no matter what size they are. It is used by large corporations, small to medium-sized firms, larger businesses, and brands. Freelancers as well as massive organizations with multiple staff. 

2) Is SEO Bility a free SEO tool? 

Yes! It is a free SEO tool with limited resources and has different pricing packages for you to choose from. 

3) Does SEO Bility offer a free trial account? 

Yes! It does offer a 30-day free trial account of its premium package, which is used for a professional website. 

4) How much does SEO Bility cost? 

SEO Bility offers a free account and two premium and agency accounts of 50$ a month and 200$ a month.

13. Jaxxy

Jaaxy is an online keyword search tool (or a niche keyword tool, if you prefer) that restricts the keyword search operation to a basic minimum. If you are launching a new niche site or attempting to read the next famous blog post, Jaaxy will help you out. Jaaxy gathers search data from the various key engines—Google, Bing, and Yahoo—and displays it in a streamlined way. 

1) Why is Jaxxy the best SEO tool? 

Jaxxy is the best SEO tool due to its most amazing keyword research features which works like a magic and makes site optimization a piece of cake.  

2) Is Jaxxy a free SEO tool? 

Yes! It is a free SEO tool and offers some amazing tools and services at no cost. 

3) What people should use Jaxxy? 

Jaxxy is considered one of the best SEO tools for all, whether for a business owner, a blogger, a digital marketer, or a freelance writer.  

4) How much does Jaxxy cost? 

Jaxxy is a very affordable tool and that is why known as the best SEO tool. It has different pricing packages of 49$ per month and 99$ per month.  

5) Does Jaxxy offer a free trial account? 

Yes! Jaxxy does offer a free trial account to test out their keyword research tool.

14. CaptainAMZ

CaptainAMZ is a Chrome Plugin that opens a console to help Amazon vendors simplify their reviews and product description requests. The app uses Amazon to deliver emails to consumers so that there are no problems for customers who have signed out of third-party emails.  

1) Why captain AMZ is a useful tool? 

It is an amazing amazon tool, which automatically demands product reviews from the customers. 

2) Is Captain AMZ a free tool? 

No, it is not a free tool and requires choosing a pricing plan upon subscription. 

3) Does Captain AMZ offer a trial account? 

Yes! It does offer a 7-days trial account for you to check out their features.

4) How much does Captain AMZ cost? 

It offers three pricing packages as a basic, pro, and premium package with 19.99$ a month, 29.99$ a month, and 49.99$ a month respectively. 

5) Captain AMZ is available in which countries? 

Captain AMZ acts with all Amazon markets including the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Japan, India, China, and Australia.

15. Net Peak Software

You can evaluate incoming and outgoing connections, locate broken links and redirects, consider indexing instructions, and avoid redundant content: Names, Meta Descriptions, H1 Headers, complete pages, etc. by using this awesome and best SEO tool, and do an SEO website check. 

1) What people should use Net Peak Software? 

It is the best SEO tool for Specialists in SEO and PPC, connect designers, webmasters, marketing staff, bloggers, and sales managers. 

2) Does Net Peak Software offer a free trial account? 

Yes! It does offer a free trial account for you to test out their features. 

3) Does Net Peak Software offer an auditing site feature? 

Yes! It does offer site-auditing services and will help you analyze your site from different perspectives. 

4) How much does it cost to use Net Peak Software? 

Prices for Net peak Software start at $15.20 a month per user. A free version and a free trial account are available.

16. My Site Auditor

This is one of the best SEO audit tools, which can produce unlimited SEO audit reports from your database or the audit sources on your website. It takes about 15 seconds to produce audit reports. They include more than 50+ SEO signals that decide how the web page is tailored for the target keyword. 

1) What is My Site Auditor? 

MySiteAuditor is a leading generation and sales platform for SEO service providers. Besides, you can produce unrestricted SEO audit reports for your website 

2) Is my site-auditor a free SEO tool? 

No! It is not a free tool and offers different pricing packages with different services. 

3) Does my site-auditor offer a free trial account? 

Yes! It does offer a free 10-day trial account with all its respective pricing packages. 

4) How much does it cost to use My Site Auditor? 

They have two pricing packages starting from a basic one which is 39$ a month and then a pro one which is 79$ per month.  

5) Is My Site Auditor an accurate SEO tool? 

Yes! It is known as one of the most accurate and reliable SEO audit tools which work amazingly and take just a little time to generate an audit report for your site.

17. Rank Active

Rank active is a cloud-based best SEO tool that enables you to monitor your website rankings in search results, evaluate your rivals, identify keywords, evaluate technological and on-page SEO variables, and gain comprehensive actionable insights on SERP ranking pages. 

1) What is Rank Active?

It's a guide to help you get more online traffic from Google, Bing, and other web search engines by tracking the search engine rankings of your website and monitoring your rivals, 

2) How much does it cost to use Rank Active? 

Rank active subscription plans start at $29.95 and run at $149.95 a month. You will also get an annual membership of $305.49 a year. 

3) Does it offer a free trial account? 

Yes, it does offer a free trial account to test out its features.  

4) How is the Rank Active support team? 

With all the arrangements, you get 24/7 help. The support team is competent, easy to respond to, and super helpful. In reality, the support team is one of the most satisfying to have ever dealt with. 

5) Is Rank Active a good tool to analyze


SERP Woo is different as it records all of the top 20+ keyword outcomes you have picked and let you reverse them. Using data feeds from third-party providers to provide a fast understanding of rankings. 

1) What is SERP Woo?

SERP Woo attempts to 'reverse engineer' the rating process, giving SEOs a good view of the SERPs 

2) Is SERP Woo a free SEO tool?

No, it is not a free SEO tool and offers different pricing packages for you to choose from. 

3) How much does it cost to use SERP woo? 

SERP woo has different pricing packages starting from 49.95$ and going up to 299.99$ a month.  

4) Does SERP woo offers a free account? 

Yes! You can sign up for free that allows you to track three keywords and limitless domains in every country we cover. 

5) What payment methods does SERP woo accepts? 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, and American Express. However, we do not accept payments through PayPal.

19. Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg builds its software around five separate ways to import or discover keywords, and the metrics and filtering that help you to compare, narrow down, and zoom in on your findings. The result is detailed knowledge that proves invaluable for the optimization of the search engine. 

1) What is Keyword Keg? 

Keyword Keg is a powerful, practical keyword analysis suite. It is perfect for anyone from freelancers to SEO companies. With Keyword Keg, you can get results for 11 different APIs and several different Search Engine Results (SERPs) pages. 

2) Is Keyword Keg a free SEO tool? 

No! It is not a free SEO tool and requires you to choose a pricing package upon registration.  

3) How much does it cost to use Keyword Keg? 

They offer four different pricing plans with different services. The first starting from 38$ per month and going towards 762$ a month.  

4) Does it offer a free trial account? 

No! They do not offer a free trial account. You will have to choose a subscription plan to use this tool. However, they have a 48-hour money-back guarantee. &nbs<