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List Of Action Words

Organizational Action Verbs

Accumulate Divert Merge Reorganize
Align Divide Officiate Reposition
Allocate Document Organize Research
Arrange File Outline Restructure
Assemble Filter Package Revamp
Associate Formalize Place Route
Budget Form Plan Schedule
Catalog Gather Prepare Separate
Categorize Group Preserve Set
Centralize Index Process Situate
Channel Individualize Qualify Sort
Chart Integrate Rank Splice
Classify Label Rate Standardize
Collect List Rearrange Straighten
Compile Localize Reconcile Streamline
Condense Log Record Structure
Consolidate Map Register Subdivide
Distribute Match Remodel Systematize

Technical Action Verbs

Activate Construct Install Realign
Actuate Convert Interface Regulate
Augment Debug Interpolate Rehabilitate
Automate Deploy Liquidate Synthesize
Build Download Litigate troubleshoot
Calibrate Engineer Mechanize Upgrade
Code Equip Operate Upload
Compute Import Program X-ray

Leadership Verbs

Act Coach Enforce Mobilize
add Comfort Enlighten Name
adhere Command Enlist Navigate
advance Commissioned Facilitate Orchestrate
advise Coordinate Govern Order
Aid Decentralize Head Oversee
Appoint Decide Hire Penalize
Appraise Delegate Host Pilot
Approve Demonstrate Institute Preside
Arbitrate Designate Instruct Run
Assign Direct Intervene Recruit
Authorize Edify Lead Sponsor
Chair Educate Manage Supervise
Champion Employ Mentor Train

Teamwork Action Words

accompany Convince Foster Motivate
abstract Cooperate Guide Participate
acquire Cultivate Help Resolve
Assist Debate Impart Settle
Attend Defend Inspire Share
Collaborate Elect Instill Staff
Collate Enable Interact Suggest
Conciliate Encourage Involve Support
Confront Join Unify
Contribute Meet Unite

Analytical/Critical Thinking Action Verbs

abstract Detail Hone Project
acquire Detect Identify Prospect
analyze Determine Infer Prove
annotate Diagnose Inspect Quantify
Ascertain Discover Investigate Reconstruct
Assess Dissect Judge Refine
Attain Disseminate Locate Retrieve
Audit Distinguish Magnify Review
Breakdown Elicit Measure Scan
Calculate Enumerate Monitor Scrutinize
Correct Estimate Observe Shorten
Correlate Evaluate Obtain Subtract
Count Examine Perfect Tabulate
Criticize Extract Pinpoint Total
Critique Extrapolate Prescribe Track
Deduce Gauge Prioritize triangulate
Derive Graph Procure zero in

Creative Thinking Verbs

Alter Craft Formulate Question
Amend Create Hypothesize Realize
Apply Customize Illustrate Reason
Balance Define Imagine Recreate
Brainstorm Design Innovate Renew
Compare Develop Invent Revolutionize
Compose Devise Methodize Shape
Conceive Diagram Model Sketch
Conceptualize Differentiate Mold Strategize
Conjure Envision Perceive Theorize
Contrast Explore Pioneer Validate
Contrive Fabricate Predict Visualize

Communication Action Words

address Correspond Listen Relay
Announce Counsel Lobby render
Answer Deal with Mediate Renegotiate
Articulate Describe Moderate Report
Ask Disclose Narrate Respond
Attract Discuss Negotiate Rewrite
Author Display Notify Script
Blog Draft Paraphrase Show
Brief Edit Persuade Signify
Circulate Exchange Present Speak
Co-author Explain Proofread Specify
Cold call Express Propose State
Communicate Greet Publicize Submit
Confer Influence Publish Summarize
Consult Inform Quote Transcribe
Contact Inquire Read Translate
Contract Interpret Recite Transmit
Convene Interview Recommend Verbalize
Convey Introduce Refer write

Initiative Action Verbs

accelerate Enact Learn Regain
accomplish Enhance Leverage Reinforce
achieve Ensure Maintain Responsible For
Aim Establish Master Retain
amplify Execute Mastermind Secure
Anticipate Exhibit Maximize Shatter
Assume Expedite Mitigate Sharpen
Avert Finalize Modernize Shield
Battle Fine-tune Negate Spearhead
Capitalize Fix Neutralize Specialize
Carry out Forecast Normalize Start
Challenge Fortify Nullify Stimulate
Check Fulfill Obliterate Succeed
Commit Further Officiate Surpass
Compete Gain Optimize Target
Dedicate Handle Overhaul Terminate
Deliver Heighten Polish Trap
Demolish Hunt Prevent Uncover
Devote Implement Probe Undertake
Earn Impose Propel Unveil
Effect Improve Protect Verify
Eliminate Increase Raise Vitalize
Embark Initiate Reach Volunteer
Emphasize Launch Reduce whittle
zap win

Adaptability Verbs

acclimate Defer Incorporate Revise
accommodate Diversify Justify Simplify
adjust Endure Manipulate Simulate
adopt Experiment Modify Transform
Broaden Familiarize Outsource Transition
Change Focus Overcome Uphold
Clarify Generalize Reshape Utilize

Miscellaneous Action Words

advertise Dispense Open Sew
advocate Dramatize Orient Shear
Alleviate Draw Paint Shop
Award Drive Penetrate Siphon
Bargain Duplicate Perform sell
Begin Enlarge Photograph Solder
Blast Enrich Plant Solicit
Block Enter Play Spot
Bolster Entertain Practice Strengthen
Bombard eviscerate Print Study
Boost Exercise Produce Stun
Borrow Expand Promote Substitute
Breach Experience Provide Supply
Buy Extend Purchase Sustain
Canvass Finance Recall Teach
Capture Forge Receive Tend
Care Forward Recognize Tighten
Cater Find Rectify Time
Cause Frame Relate Tour
Charge Function Release Trace
Clear Fund Repair Trade
Close Furnish Repeat Transfer
Combine Generate Represent Transport
Commence Grade Reproduce transpose
Complete Gross Reserve travel
Conclude Halt Restore treat
Conduct Immunize Restrict trim
Confirm Insure Reveal triple
Connect Issue Revitalize Tutor
Conserve keep Safeguard Update
Consider Knock Sanction Use
Contain License Sand Value
Continue Lift Satisfy View
Control Lighten Save Visit
Copy Load Scope Wage
Cut Lubricate Scrape Wax
Decrease Manufacture Screen weigh
Depict Market Sculpt weld
Depreciate Minimize Seal widen
Deteriorate Nail Seize withdraw
Diminish Net Select witness
Discharge Nurse Serve yield
Dispatch Nurture Service zone off