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What App Allows You to SPY on Someones Phone?

What App Allows You to SPY on Someones Phone

Do you want to know What App Allows You to SPY on Someone's Phone?

This will be no more mystery, as here everything is explained to buy the best Spy app.

There are many types of SPY apps that can be able to track your phone. But, they have limited features. But, All of these rare Spy Apps for Android are providing extraordinary features at reasonable prices.

There are some SPY Apps that are free but they have limited features. So, If you take a chance only once to get the phone of whom which you want to spy. It would be a bad idea to install a free SPY app.

These 5 best spy apps for android/iPhone will solve the question "What App Allows You to SPY on Someone's Phone?" of yours.

5 Best Spy Apps for Android

Here is the list of the top 5 best spy apps for android. These SPY Apps also work on iPhones and they can help to track phones without the phone owner.

NumberNameThumbnailRatingPrices Per MonthDownload Link



FlexiSPY: Best Android SPY APP

FlexiSPY is one of the best SPY App among all the 5 provided apps in the list. It has more than 50's of features.

FlexiSPY Compatibility

You can check compatibility by visiting the Compatibility page.

1. Android

2. iPhone

3. iPad

4. Computer

FlexiSPY Features

Phone Call recordingPhone Call recordingFaceTime Call RecordingWebmail
Phone Call interception*Phone Call interceptionFaceTime Spy CamApp Screenshots
Spycall †FaceTime Call RecordingEnvironment recordingKey logs
Environment recordingSpycallFacebook Call RecordingSkype
Facebook Call Recording †Environment recordingLINE Call RecordingLINE
Hangout Call Recording †Facebook Call RecordingSkype Call RecordingQQ
LINE Call Recording †LINE Call RecordingViber Call RecordingHangouts
Skype Call Recording †Skype Call RecordingWhatsApp Call RecordingTrillian *
Viber Call Recording †Viber Call RecordingRemCamViber *
WhatsApp Call Recording †WhatsApp Call RecordingRemVidiMessage *
RemCamRemCamFaceTime Call logsWeChat *
RemVidRemVidFacebook Call LogsBrowsing activity
Spoof SMS*Spoof SMSLINE Call LogsSearch engine history
Call Notification Alert*Call Notification AlertSkype Call LogsBrowser videos
SMS Keyword deletion*SMS Keyword deletionViber Call LogsApplication activity
Facebook Call Logs*FaceTime Call logsWeChat Call logsInstalled applications
LINE Call Logs*Facebook Call LogsFacebook MessengerMonitor network connections
Skype Call Logs*LINE Call LogsInstagram Direct MessagesMonitor print jobs
Viber Call Logs*Skype Call LogsiMessageFile activity
WhatsApp Call Logs*Viber Call LogsLINE MessagesFiles transferred
Facebook MessengerWeChat Call logsSkype MessagesUSB device connections
Snapchat MessagesFacebook MessengerViber MessagesTrack users log on/off activity
Hike Messenger*Instagram Direct MessagesWhatsApp MessagesTrack when users lock the screen
Kik Messenger*iMessageBBM MessagesRemotely uninstall the software
Instagram Direct MessagesLINE MessagesHangout MessagesRemotely deactivate the software
LINE Messages*Skype MessagesTinder MessagesRemotely change software features
Skype Messages*Viber MessagesWeChat MessageRun in Hidden Mode
Viber MessagesWhatsApp MessagesEmailStop software from being uninstalled
WhatsApp MessagesBBM MessagesApplication ScreenshotsAccess by secure key combination
Google MessagesHangout MessagesNotesDashboard Alerts
Hangout Messages*Tinder MessagesAddress bookSend Remote Commands from Web
QQ Messages*WeChat MessageLocation trackingAutomatic Remote Updates
Telegram Messages*EmailGeo-FencingFree Updates
Tinder MessagesApplication ScreenshotsBrowsing activityRenew Anytime
WeChat Message*SIM Changed NotificationBrowser bookmarks
Email*NotesNetwork connections
GmailCall logsApplication activity
Application Screenshots*Address bookInstalled applications
SIM Changed Notification*SMS messagesKeylogger
Call logsMMSPhotos
Address bookLocation trackingVideos
SMS messagesGeo-FencingAudio files
MMSBrowsing activityWallpaper images
Location trackingBrowser bookmarksCalendar
Geo-FencingNetwork connectionsEasy to install
Browsing activity*Application activityVisibility Option
Browser bookmarks*Installed applicationsDashboard Alerts
Network connectionsKeyloggerSend Remote Commands from Web
Application activityPhotosCheck Device Battery Status
Installed applicationsVideosRemotely uninstall the software
KeyloggerAudio filesRemotely deactivate the software
PhotosWallpaper imagesRemotely restart device
VideosCalendarRemotely change software features
Audio filesEasy to installRemote Upgrade
Wallpaper imagesVisibility OptionRenew Anytime
CalendarDashboard AlertsRun in Hidden Mode
Easy to installSend Remote Commands from WebStop software from being uninstalled
Visibility OptionSMS Remote CommandsHide Jailbreak
Dashboard AlertsCheck Device Battery StatusAutomatic Remote Updates
Send Remote Commands from WebRemotely uninstall the softwareFree Updates
SMS Remote Commands*Remotely deactivate the software

Check Device Battery StatusRemotely restart device

Remotely uninstall the software*Remotely change software features

Remotely deactivate the softwareRemote Upgrade

Remotely restart device*Renew Anytime

Remotely change software featuresRun in Hidden Mode

Remote UpgradeStop software from being uninstalled

Renew AnytimeHide Jailbreak

Run in Hidden ModeAutomatic Remote Updates

Stop software from being uninstalledFree Updates

Hide Rooting*

Automatic Remote Updates*

Free Updates

FlexiSPY Pricing

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Computer Pricing

Note: These apps are recommended after used by us and we are providing you the best option among 100's of Best SPY APPS.