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4 Types of Business Videos For Effective Marketing in Melbourne

Business Videos For Effective Marketing

Video content has become an essential aspect of the marketing strategies of businesses. The rising internet connectivity is one of the significant factors that caused this change. With 81.7% of households with internet access at home, it's evident for businesses in Melbourne to promote their video content on the internet. On top of that, internet usage in Australia is expected to cross 90% by 2025. No wonder every business in Melbourne is focusing on creating high-quality video content for marketing purposes.

Many companies cannot create good video content despite the priming number due to resources and time constraints. It wouldn't make sense to leave your company's core operations and create videos. The best video production companies in Melbourne understand this and provide video content production for companies in Melbourne. Before finalising a video production company, you need to know your options. Therefore here are four types of business videos that can effectively market your business in Melbourne.

1. Social Media Videos

Social media is a driving force for marketing efforts. Businesses have social media pages to post their specially created video content related to their social media following. A staggering 20.5 million Australians are active social media users. Therefore, hiring from the best video production companies in Melbourne makes more sense to ensure the best quality social media content.

Every social media platform has distinct requirements for posting video content. For example, Youtube allows users to post longer video content of several minutes, while Instagram offers static posts and shorter video content like Reels. On top of that, the type of content you post on a different platform is unique too. You cannot upload the same content video you post on Instagram, YouTube, or vice versa. It means you need to create unique content for different social media platforms. As a business with no background or experience in video production, it can be challenging to make such content. That is when video production companies can help you create unique content as per your requirements.

2. Explainer Videos

Businesses often struggle to hit the right chords with their audience. The primary culprit behind this is the lack of knowledge about the product or service. If you think your audience cannot understand your offering, you can create explainer videos for them. Explainer videos are an effective way to educate your audience to help them know more about your offering. These videos consist of tutorials and step-by-step guides to perform specific tasks.

Explainer videos significantly push your content marketing efforts as the audience becomes more interested in your product or service. For example, if your company sells a unique tool or plugin for designers, you can create a series of videos to explain the different features of your tool. You can also develop tutorials on how to perform a specific operation within the tool. That way, you can attract more prospective customers and improve your customer retention by offering them helpful knowledge. 

3. Testimonial Videos

Testimonials offer great insights into the quality of your product or services. 72% of customers state that positive testimonials and reviews help them in their purchase decision. These videos are the feedback from your existing customers to attract more consumers.

4. Demo videos

Demo videos are similar to explainer videos in many senses. But explainer videos usually focus on a particular feature or concept, while demo videos offer demonstrations helpful for using the product. No matter how sophisticated and complex a product you make, it's useless if your customers do not know how to use it. That is why you need to educate your customers through demonstrations where the audience follows a step by step guide to using the product. Demo videos are beneficial for electronics businesses. Such businesses can create demo videos to help their customers to make the best use of their products.

Video content is not a future anymore, it's already here, and every brand is reaping the fruits of great content. Make sure you hire only the best video production company to ensure top quality video content for your brand.