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Top 10 Android TV Apps You Should Explore This Year

Android TV Apps

Do you know now android mode is not only for smartphones?- Yes, you have read it right. Now to get the android experiences, you do not have to use your smartphone round the clock. In order to make your free time more pleasing as well as relaxing, Android TV is there for you. Maybe it's past is not that much appreciable but now it’s all set to get your holy attention and time.

Today we are going to let you know the 10 best ways to enjoy an Android TV device. What do you do for ordering food online or iframe calling? You use an app. And with Android TV, you will do the same. I mean you can use stunning apps for Android TV and make your free time more enjoyable. 

After availing of an android Tv device, you will get some pre-installed apps such as YouTube, Google Play Music, and so on. According to experts and Android Tv users, it will be better if you download a mix of music, iframes, productivity, and system apps on your Android TV device.

For your ease, we have prepared a list of android TV apps that you can actually enjoy in 2021. Without more ado, let’s explore those apps-

List of Top 10 Best Android TV

NumberNameRatingDownload Details
1MX Player

2Sideload Launcher




6X-plore file manager

7Google Drive




1. MX Player

When it comes to the best iframe apps for android devices, MX Player holds the first position. No matter what’s the screen size, it will offer a comfortable view. It comes with the ability to translate content onto larger screens. Its interface is smooth and super easy to use. It is able to play a vast number of codecs as well as support subtitle files. MX Player is able to read both locally saved files and files from external devices. So, if your Android TV device has a USB port, you will get adding benefits. 

2. Sideload Launcher

It is the next popular name on our list. This app is available only for the new Android TV devices. There are some other apps that can be run on multiple types of android devices. But Sideload Launcher is only for Android TV devices. This app comes with normal app launcher app icons that you generally get on a smartphone or tablet. This is a highly popular app and available in PlayStore with a 4.0 rating. 

3. Netflix

If you have recently bought an Android TV, you will get this amazing entertainment app pre-installed. If you did not get it, do not wait for more, just install it. In order to enjoy the contents of this app rather than the platform, you have to pay a subscription fee. NetFlix has already gained a lot of popularity. And now you can enjoy it on a larger screen and keep your hands free from holding a smartphone. 

4. Plex

If you are a person who likes to collect quality digital movies and TV shows, Plex is the best choice for you to play those on the bigger screens. Along with the beautiful library, plex can also download subtitle files, movie artwork, metadata, viewer ratings, and so on automatically. You can use this app remotely as it is completely free to use the app option in 2021.

5. AirScreen

Do you know that Android Tv devices support Google Cast? I mean, in this way, you can cast any content from android phones or other Google products such as Chrome to your Android Tv screen. Isn’t something super exciting as well as super easy to use? You will get this app at PlayStore. 

6. X-plore file manager

You can feel blessed after installing this file manager app. Even expert recommends this app when the requirement is getting an app with the dual-pane approach. It helps to fast transfer an APK file from the USB stick to your android Tv’s hard drive. 

7. Google Drive

If you are someone who wishes to access the computer-stored files on the Android TV device, Google Drive is the best choice for you. Previously it was not available on Google Play Store and we use to sideload the app. But now we can easily download it from the Google Play Store. 

8. Kodi

It has been noticed that often users say that Kodi is much better than Plex. This amazing android TV app comes with numerous add-ons so that you can easily access on-demand iframes, weather updates, live TV, productivity tools, and so on. 

9. Spotify

If you are puzzled with ads that come with cable TV music channels or if you are not satisfied with the free YouTube music, this app will be the best choice for you. Just after installing this app on your Android TV, you can keep your hands free from a smartphone and enjoy the music. 

10. Hulu

If you are in search of an all-in-one service, I mean, live TV with on-demand content, Hulu is the right choice in 2021. Its full package will charge you $39.99 per month. According to experts, after years of improvement, now it is one of the best Android TV apps that we can actually enjoy. 

These apps are not only popular to get solid entertainment but also help to earn solid revenue. By developing such an android TV app, you too can earn handsome profit and become popular. How?- contact the best app development company and be the owner of the next popular android TV app in 2021!