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5 Tips to Create Engaging Content

Tips to Create Engaging Content

Introduction: What Is Engaging Content?

When you write some content, your goal should be to get it read by as many people as possible.

People however are very fickle and they do not spend time on anything that they do not think is worthwhile.

To make things worse, attention spans have decreased due to the massive amount of content available due to the internet. The modern content writing industry is competing for every second of its potential audience’s attention.

This makes it difficult to attract and retain your potential readers. But worry not, in this article we will go over a few tips to help you make your content more engaging. 

Let’s jump right in.

5 Super Effective Tips to Create Engaging Content

Creating quality content is not a piece of cake. It comes with a lot of research, hard work, and thinking.

If you want to create content for your social media, Website, or Video. Then you need to brainstorm the idea, do more research on the content, Think about all possibilities, then make your content more engaging and add more responsibility to you as a business as now. 

The content only works when you make it worthy enough for people to engage with.

1. Use Visual Aids

The first thing that you should do is add unique visuals to your content. Visual aids tend to be catchier and since not many people use them, they will make your content look different from the rest.

People tend to forget things they have read after a while. Memory retention of normal people is not so great that they can read something once and never forget it.

Here is where visual aids come in. Inserting a relevant image or infographic in your blog post (at least once about every 100 words or more) will make it more engaging. 

The saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ quite literally is applicable here. That’s because:

  • People tend to remember stuff if there is an image associated with the knowledge. This increases the chances of people sharing your content.
  • Images and graphs present information in a concise but clear manner that is often easier to understand than simple text.
  • Images are catchy and make it more likely that people will read your post instead of just looking at the heading.

2. Remove Duplication from Your Content

You need to remove that duplication to put that final shine on your content and make it truly unique.  You can do it manually or you can use an online plagiarism remover to remove the duplicated parts of your content.

Removing duplication is good because:

  • Readers do not like reused content.
  • Search engines promote unique content.
  • Search engines punish duplicated content by lowering the rank of the hosting site. Sometimes the site is removed from the index as well.

Using a tool to remove duplication is more reliable than doing it manually. It is not uncommon for tools to have integrated duplication checkers. This way you can make sure that the rewritten parts of your posts are not duplicated either.

3. Format Your Content to be Easily Readable

One of the salient features of engaging content is its readability. If your content is easy to read and understand then it will be able to promote its message effectively.

Giant walls of text make your content look unappealing. Readers generally do not like to read such type of content.  Here is how you can break those walls (and the reasons why you should do it).

  • Break up your content using bullets, images, and headings. This makes it easy for your readers to skim through it and get to the stuff they want to read.
  • A typical reader would read the intro and then immediately start scrolling to look for a heading that addresses their current problem.  

Now imagine if there were no headings; they wouldn’t know where to start reading from. Immediately they would leave the site to look for a different one.

4. Target Specific Keywords and Aim to Answer Questions

Specific keywords are tied to appealing content. Long-tailed keywords have low search volume because they are incredibly specific. However, due to their specificity, they have a clear search intent. 

You can utilize this for your own good and produce content that targets these keywords. Content targeting such keywords will be incredibly focused.

Here are some tips to find keywords and write blog posts:

  • Use SEO tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush to do keyword research.
  • Write blog posts that are of “why” and “what” in nature. This means they should be informative (in simple terms).

When your content answers your reader’s question, it immediately stands out from the competition (hence making it interesting). Informative articles will gather more attention and the publicity lost due to targeting specific keywords will be gained through word of mouth.

5. Use Your Own Experiences

If you are writing content, then it stands to reason that you are somewhat of an expert in it. You can use your own experiences to make your content unique and engaging.

For example, if you were writing a blog about SEO practices and their impact on website ranking, you could mention your own site’s performance as an example or as a reference.

Adding this type of ‘personalized’ information helps to make your content less like a monotonous drone. It becomes more relatable, and it also builds trust in the readership since your audience understands that you know what you’re talking about.

Similarly, if you were writing a review about a smartphone or a laptop, you could mention things that you noticed when using it yourself.


There you have it; five tips to make your content more engaging. These tips will help you in making your content more enjoyable for your audience.  We can summarize the article as follows.

  • Adding visual aids as well as formatting your content into headings, subheadings, and bullets make it easier to read.
  • When something is easy to follow, it makes sense that more people will tend to follow it till the end. The outcome is decreased bounce rate and more conversions.
  • Making sure that your content is not copied from other sources helps user retention, they do not feel like they have read your content before and this makes them naturally curious.
  • Using your own experiences and relaying them in a story-like manner in your content will also gather the interest of your readers.
  • Remove Duplication from Your Content