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Medical Apps: 10 Successful Ideas For Healthcare Apps Development

10 Successful Ideas For Healthcare Apps Development

With technology thriving continuously, it is inevitable to stop its growth in any industry. The healthcare industry is no different. It is continually evolving with smartphone applications opening up more possibilities to bring in a massive change in patient care dynamics. They have undoubtedly, revolutionized the healthcare industry completely.

These applications are not just helpful to patients but to medical professionals as well. The healthcare industry is estimated to be worth more than $80 billion by the end of this year and apps are going to play a huge role in letting this industry hit that mark. 

Let's talk about some innovative technological trends which have made this possible by making their way into the healthcare industry.

IoT- Internet Of Things

IoT refers to the method of interconnecting electronic devices, be it software or applications. The technology is meant to ensure easy management and access to data across different platforms. This technology will help healthcare professionals access and track patients' data to monitor their health progress closely.

AR- Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is an emerging innovation that is mostly used in the gaming industry but has other wide ranging applications as well. It technically stimulates the experience of the real-world through computer-generated perceptual data and information. The technology could greatly help surgeons enhance their knowledge in the practical application of surgeries.

Data Analytics

Now this one sounds basic, but this technology has the potential to manage and provide statistical information about massive amounts of data. It eliminates the need for excess paperwork to store patient's data. This extra time could be utilized, attending, and treating more patients rather than managing their data.

Ten Successful Ideas For Healthcare Apps Development

This entire article revolves around how apps can be used to access more patients in less time. So here is a list of 10 unique healthcare application ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Applications For Aiding Patients

1: Progress Monitoring Applications

Progress monitoring applications are a type of application that the patients can use to keep regular records of their health progress. This data can be shared or accessed by the health professionals at the time of consultation, where the treatment and medication could be initiated according to the latest progress. This type of application could be especially helpful in critical conditions where quick measures need to be taken.

2: Health Reminder Applications

These type of applications can come in very handy. Many patients with memory loss issues, especially the aged ones who suffer from Alzheimer's disease, can make fair use of this type of application. It will remind them to take their medicines on time on a regular basis and on when should they consult their physician. The app can also be used for other beneficial purposes, like providing essential health care tips to the patients.

3: Self-Consultation Applications

Now, this is the type of healthcare application that has a high potential. Self-consultation applications aid patients by using sensors on their smartphones. They monitor a patient's health by measuring crucial entities such as blood pressure and heart rate. They also provide necessary guidelines to follow based on different conditions. Self-consultation apps are quite popular because they save a lot of time and money wasted in clinics and laboratories.

4: On-Demand Consultation Applications

You can judge this one by the name only. On-demand consultation apps enable the patients to find their nearest healthcare professionals and book an appointment from their smartphones. The users can go through other patient's feedback and reviews. Once they are satisfied, they can book their work as per the doctor's availability and attend their consultation.

5: Virtual Medicine Applications

Just like the On-demand consultation apps, Virtual medicine applications are a kind of healthcare apps that target a wider audience. Besides booking an appointment, the patients can also consult their booked physicians on video chats even when they are located remotely, making the doctors more accessible for patients.

Applications To Assist Doctors And Healthcare Experts

6: Health Monitoring Applications

Health monitoring apps are IoT based applications which help physicians to monitor a patient's health progress closely. These applications integrate the data like Blood pressure and heart rate fetched by the smart wearables to the hospital's EHR (Electronic Health Record). The stored data can be accessed anytime by the physicians.

7: Reference And Education Applications

For doctors and physicians, there is no room for making even minor mistakes. The reference and educations applications assist doctors by providing necessary guidelines related to medical processes. These apps are especially helpful for young doctors as they provide all the required provisions and information related to medical procedures like diagnoses and treatment.

8: Medical Training Applications

Being a surgeon is a critical job. It requires years of hard work and practice to perform tasks like surgeries efficiently. Medical training apps can enhance this process. These apps are based on technologies like AR (Augmented Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to provide real-world experience of diagnoses and surgeries. Medical training apps are utterly useful for inexperienced and learning surgeons before they could practice on real humans.

9: Symptoms Checking Applications

Symptoms checking apps are beneficial to physicians and patients alike. People want quick answers to their healthcare queries. Symptoms checking applications enable the users to put the symptoms they are suffering from into the app where the physicians can access them and diagnose them for the right cause. This saves valuable time for both physicians and patients.

10: Medical Translation Applications

Language is one of the significant barriers between healthcare experts and patients. Your patient doesn't need to speak the same language as yours. Medical translation apps help the physicians understand their patients' language effectively, leading them to treat their patients with the right medications. Medical translations apps can work great, especially if they're integrated with the Virtual medicine apps.


The incorporation of technology has indeed revolutionized how the healthcare industry works. These were only a few of many application ideas that one can leverage to enhance healthcare services and patient experience. There is undoubtedly a lot that is yet to be explored. Look at the problems around you, think of how you can solve them with the help of technology and you’ll eventually come up with many great application ideas to leverage.