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10 Positive and Negative Effects of Technology Need to Know in 2021

Positive and Negative Effects of Technology Need to Know

There has been a steady rise in the dependence on technology in the world. There is no denying that there are both positive and negative effects of technology in the world at large.

Overall technology has had a beneficial effect on medical treatment. It also has an impact on child psychology and perhaps even how we deal with problems in life generally.

Some anti-technology fanatics believe technology has led to nothing but the destruction of the human race. To evaluate the impact of technology let us look at how technology works and how it affects the lives of billions of people globally. 

How Technology Works?

First, it is necessary to ask you a question - have you ever wondered how technological gadgets, inventions, and devices happened to surround you?

Have you ever wondered why you cannot seem to survive without them in your day-to-day life? Deny it all you want but in truth, we all discover something new in the hidden working of technology almost every day in our lives.

How technology works are simple. It is all about mechanics. Machinery designed to achieve small simple tasks automatically is modern technology. Scientists continuously improve the mechanisms of technology to automate them.

For instance, in the past, people used mortar and pistons to grind cereals and make food. It meant manual effort and workforce. Now we have machines that need a simple click of the button to grind food of every nature.

Technology is an invention that changes human history. It makes life easier, increases chances of survival, and helps humanity continue to grow its population. The healthcare system is where we see a marked evolution when it comes to technology. The new inventions are saving more lives than ever before.

Positive & Negative Effects of Technology

Now let us get to what are the positive and negative effects of the internet. For the sake of ease of understanding, let us look at them separately, starting with the positive impact of technology on our lives.

Positive Effects of Technology

To sum it up, below are a few of the positives we came up with; but numerous others influence the lives of people. Therefore, this list is quite limited but good enough to give you a clear idea.

1. Positive Impact of Technology on Society

What are the social effects of modern technology in our society? We see amazing constructions in our society, which is due to the advancements in technology.

Our society benefits from environmental developments, healthcare or medical, social and economic developments, etc. Most importantly there are numerous benefits of technology in healthcare.

New technology gives room for new job opportunities and helps society. In society the major positive effect of technology are:

◘ Mechanization of Agriculture

◘ Improvement on Communication

◘ Improvement of Transportation

◘ Improving the Education and Learning Process

2. Positive Impact of Technology on Children

Children nowadays enjoy better comfort and fun activities than our predecessors did and we did as kids. Education in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic has also become easier and safe thanks to modern technology and new gadgets.

The major positive effects of technology on children are:

◘ Fosters Problem-Solving

◘ Classroom tools

◘ Preparing for future tech careers

◘ Enhances Learning

◘ Improved multitasking

◘ Online Learning

3. Positive Effects of Technology on Education

Not just children but generally teachers as well as students of all ages are benefiting from technology. Moreover, due to technological advances, new career options are leading to new courses for study.

The major impacts of technology on education are:

◘ Greater Accessibility for online classes

◘ Increased Flexibility in online classes

◘ Collaboration between Teachers and Students

◘ Online Testing

◘ Improved Ability to Meet Special Needs

◘ Best Online Learning Content

◘ Keep up With Current Events

◘ Adaptability and Personalization

◘ Classroom Dynamics

◘ Create Technology-Based World Environment

4. Positive Effects of Technology on Mental Health

Thanks to technology, there are better and modern ways of helping people cope with depression and weight loss, and other health problems. This leads to better mental health.

We see new mobile apps and websites offering people all kinds of help to make their lives better.

Major positive effects of technology on mental health are:

◘ Online buying products

◘  Medicine and other services that help to improve health

◘  Digital money transfering

◘  Online businesses

5. Positive Effects of Technology on Business Development

Thanks to modern technology, businesses are using new and better ways of managing their team remotely. In these times of global pandemic, using different types of CRM systems for in-house team correspondences and collaboration is proving very useful for all businesses.

From hiring to managing sales, everything is automatic now and almost free of human error. (Like: if you are doing an online business and your website drops sales or traffic then you can use SEMrush to track your website performance and also solutions to fix errors that a human can not be able to identify.)

Major positive effects of technology on business development are:

◘  Better cost management

◘  Securing Sensitive Information

◘  Data-driven business model

◘  Improved Employee Productivity

◘  Increase Customer Bases

◘  Instant communication

◘  Quick customer service

◘  Higher efficiency and productivity

6. Positive Impact of Technology on Communication

There was a time when people waited several weeks and months to hear from a loved one in letters. Making calls was too expensive to afford. Thanks to mobile technology, communication worldwide is a matter of seconds now.

Major positive impacts of technology on business development are:

◘  Strengthened relations

◘  Long-Distance Communication

◘  Mass Communication

◘  Keeping in Touch within seconds

◘  Doing Business

◘  Overcoming Disabilities

7. Positive Effects of Technology on the Environment

We see a huge positive impact on environmental developments like cleaning with less pollution and without affecting life forms in the oceans. Recycling and biodegradable materials are keeping the environment cleaner and there is less waste of natural resources.

Major Positive Effects of Technology on Environment are:

◘  Renewable energies

◘  Recycling the solution

◘  Electronic devices

◘  Digital coin mining

◘  Electrical Energy production

8. Positive Effects of Technology in Globalization

Companies can create franchises and communicate with team members across the globe within a matter of minutes. This leads to the globalization of various businesses. You can consider AR (Augmented Reality) as an example to advance globalization.

◘  Ability to locate expertise

◘  labor around the world

◘  The ability to operate 24 hours a day

◘  A larger market for products

9. Positive Effects of Technology on Agriculture

Thanks to modern technology, there is a higher chance of increased food production to sustain life. Moreover, this makes food more affordable in most countries.

Here are the major Positive Effects of Technology on Agriculture are:

◘  Decrease cropping cost

◘  Decrease Worker load and safety

◘  Decreased use of water

◘  Decreased use of fertilizer

◘  Decreased use of pesticides

◘  Increase crop productivity

◘  Increased worker safety

10. Positive Effects of Technology on Lifestyle

At large, lifestyles have improved. There is less need to overwork and earning an income has become so much easier. Access to technology makes life fun and stress-free and has made the modern lifestyle very appealing.

◘  Improving strategies

◘  Accurate statistics

◘  Easier communication

◘  Smoother trade

◘  New techniques of promoting business

◘  Increase in income generation

◘  Impact on advertising

Negative Effects of Technology

Now let us discuss the negative consequences of technology on our lives. As mentioned, there are pros and cons of technology. However, the negative effects often result from the overdue or over-dependence on technology.

1. Negative Effects of Technology on Society

In some cases, technology has led to more corruption and threats to the lives of people. We also see the use of technology at a political level in our societies and it has led to a lot of harm.

Nuclear developments are affecting the lives of many people.

◘  Health issue

◘  Privacy problems

◘  Social problems

◘  Physical health problems

◘  Security problem

2. Negative effects of technology on children

Children need proper monitoring because exposure to the wrong content online due to technology affects their behavior and mental growth. Often it affects their personalities and health.

◘  Lower attention span

◘  Increased risk and lack of privacy

◘  Risk of depression

◘  Obesity

◘  Falling grades

3. Negative effects of technology on education

There are times when abuse of technology leads to falsified qualifications and cheating in the academic sector. Online examinations may be the best way to make access to education easier, but with it, comes the risk of cheating and malpractice.

◘  Huge expenditure

◘  Insufficient Teaching Methods

◘  Waste of Time

◘  Misguided due to Wrong Information

◘  Major Source of Distraction

4. Negative effects of technology on mental health

Exposure to too much technology tends to ruin a healthy way of life. This leads to mental health and even crimes due to mental disorders. Mishaps are also common when there is a misuse of technology in healthcare.

This can be one of the reasons to witness the disadvantages of technology in healthcare.

◘  Internet addiction

◘  Anxiety

◘  Depression

◘  low self-esteem

◘  Impulsivity

5. Negative Effects of Technology on Business Development

While advancements in technology are proving very beneficial, there are negatives of it as well. There are new and worse ways of defrauding people and hacking into their data.

This has led to a  lot of blackmailing, harassment, and worse crimes. Stolen identity is one of the biggest nightmares in the United States due to technological advancements.

◘  Technology dependence

◘  Reduced interpersonal communication

◘  Retraining

◘  Safety

◘  Communication breakdowns

6. Negative effects of technology on communication

Sometimes, people tend to misuse technology to miscommunicate. They steal sensitive information and cause many problems.

◘  lacks essential interpersonal skills

◘  Increased frequency of communication

◘   Affected nonverbal communication

◘   Lack of face-to-face interaction

◘  Reduced social interactions

7. Negative effects of technology on the environment

Environmentally, some forms of technology lead to more pollution, for example, vehicles and the combustion of fuels.

◘  Air and water pollution

◘  Depletion of natural resources

◘  Massive energy use

◘  Electronic waste

◘  Carbon Footprint

8. Negative effects of technology in globalization

Although globalization is the key to success in most businesses, sometimes misuse of technology leads to criminal activities, terrorism, and corruption at a massive scale.

◘  Infrastructure differences

◘  labor laws and regulations

◘  legal restrictions

◘  Different languages

◘  Customs

◘  Preferences

9. Negative effects of technology on agriculture

If there is a lot of soil and air pollution due to overuse of machinery and the production of harmful chemicals, there is a direct and negative impact on crops and livestock.

◘  Increase in noise pollution

◘  Fewer jobs available 

◘  People become unemployed

◘  Machines are expensive to buy  

10. Negative effects of technology on lifestyle

Generally, misuse of technology leads to mental and other health problems. It leads to a lazier way of life and this subsequently leads to obesity and associated health problems.

◘  Reduced physical activity

◘  Sleep problems 

◘  Incorrect posture

◘  Underlying vision issues  


To wrap it up, as long as we stick to the proper and adequate use of technology, it is good. Overuse and abuse of technology are harmful.