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How to Learn Math Online: Top Benefits of Learning Math Online

Learn Math Online

The maths subject has a significant role in the education journey of students. It's very important to understand the underlying concepts in each topic. Which helps in solving the problems that are quite different or tricky. Some of the board exams may give twisted questions in order to check the student’s knowledge regarding the subject. Once you understand the concept the students can solve any twisted questions. Learn math online will provide complete knowledge about a subject.

Advantages of Learning Math Online

There are many added benefits for students, parents, and their tutors in learning online.

  1. Tutors will have good control over the students, So they can provide customized instructions based on student requirements.
  2. They can schedule their live sessions depending on the availability of both student and tutor.
  3. Since students can attend their class from home. They can experience a friendly environment to learn. They can completely concentrate on the teaching because there will be no friends physically sitting next to them to talk or to get distracted. which usually happens in schools.
  4. Online tuition avoids the physical strain that happens in traveling time. Students should travel from school to tuition and again from tuition to home. This journey is completely avoided so that they can attend their class whenever they feel comfortable learning.
  5. The online learning students are provided with readily available PDF notes which are free from spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, and any other mistakes which can usually happen while writing by the students manually.
  6. Online live sessions provide the option of recording the live classes. Students can listen to the classes whenever they are required. It can be played any number of times till they get to know about the concepts.
  7. They are cost-effective programs that appoint the transportation expenses and also the material expenses.
  8. During offline classes, it is not possible for a teacher to interact with each individual student. In online classes, the students can have direct conversations with the teachers. Without bothering about the other students in the class.
  9. Math is a subject that requires more practice. So in this platform, the students are provided with different workshops, worksheets, and practice papers that include different question patterns in order to train the students in all the dimensions of the subject.
  10. The online platform will conduct the math quiz. Just to make the subject very interesting for the students.

Know More About the Histogram.

It is one of the most important techniques in data handling. The graphical representation of the given numerical data is called a histogram. Usually, it is done on the graph sheets. The idea of the histogram was first introduced by Karl Pearson. They are useful in representing data distribution approximately. 

Steps to Construct Histogram

  • Firstly we need to collect the range values. It means dividing the total range into a series of class intervals.
  • Counting the values which fall under the respective class interval.
  • The intervals should be convective and equal in size.
  • Based on these tabulated values histograms are constructed on the graph sheets.
  • They are drawn as horizontal rectangular bars which are placed adjacent to each other in a vertical manner.
  • In the graph, the x-axis represents the range of values. The Y-axis represents the numerical values of data.

Example 1: The below tables give the marks of 50 students scored in the exam.












Types of Histograms

Histograms are classified based on frequency. They are

  • Uniform histogram
  • Symmetric histogram
  • Bimodal histogram
  • Probability histogram

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