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How to Create a logo with DesignEvo?

DesignEvo Review

Many of you use DesignEvo to create logos for websites and social media. But I’ll talk about it in this article if you do not know how to create a logo with DesignEvo. Let's go through the different steps to create a custom logo for you.

Quick look

For a while now, DesignEvo has become a go-to tool in logo design. It allows you to create a logo, whether for paper printing or the web: publications for social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), promotional materials, etc.

DesignEvo offers graphic elements that are very easy to learn and infinitely flexible. The platform offers many templates that guide you in your creations. However, you can choose to keep the initial template or reclaim it entirely. The imagination is guided but not biased.

The platform has become very popular, in particular, thanks to its simplicity. Where other graphic design platforms require more in-depth knowledge, DesignEvo makes logo design easier and expands the range of possibilities. It can maintain freedom of expression and creativity while making it easy for us to create logos.

The platform is freemium. It means that part of the feature is free to access while the other is paid for. Unlike the free, restricted version, the paid formula will give you access to all the features and larger sizes.

And you can create a logo simply thanks to the predefined templates offered by DesignEvo. It is, therefore, the subject of this article. We are going to review the possibilities available to you to create a logo for free on DesignEvo. 

Step 1. Choose a logo template

Here we are! Once you register or log in to an account, you will find yourself on the platform's home page. In front of you, the list of recommendations and possible types of templates is displayed. Once you are on the template window, you will find all the logo templates classified by theme! It is much more practical, isn't it?  

Select the one that suits you by browsing them or simply search a keyword in the search box. You can also choose to start from a blank template and design everything from A to Z. Then, you will enter the second stage, the creation phase. You are now on the graphic design page.

Whether you choose to start from a preset template or from a blank template, you will be able to change your design along the way. 

Step 2. Personalize your logo

Once you have chosen your template, you will move on to customizing your logo. You will find a menu tabs on your left, bringing together the graphic elements made available to you. And on your right is the editing area. This is where serious things will happen.

You just need to click or drag items from the library to the editing area. You will be able to make all the necessary changes (colors, icons, fonts, arrangement of elements, etc.). Here, you can include your name or that of your company and adapt your fonts and colors.

You can also make some modifications like, for example, the interval between the lines, the capitalization or not.

You can finally add icons or shapes if needed. 

Step 3. Upload your logo

That's it, are you satisfied with your logo? Once your creation is complete, you can share it or download it in different formats (PNG, JPG, PDF, or SVG).

A little info for those in doubt:

  1. with the PNG format, the background of your visual will be transparent
  2. with the JPG format, the background will be white (or the color you choose if you have changed the background)

There you go. You can use your final logo as you see fit.

When your creation is complete, you will have options to save it to your DesignEvo account for further edits.

Following your first steps on the platform, you will undoubtedly realize that it has never been easier to produce a logo using DesignEvo. It is revolutionizing the world of logo design on the internet for all beginners.


Towards a new mode of production? In view of the immoderate success of the platform, we are entitled to wonder whether, in terms of logo design. It's already a bit the case; by looking around us, more and more tools are being created to facilitate our access to logo creation.

However, these simplified platforms have a limit on functionality due to their own concept. The content remains standardized despite a strong desire for personalization. The popularization of these platforms restricts the precision of the parameters. And the quality of the renderings, in contrast to professional software, is still doing well despite this new competition.

DesignEvo has succeeded in its bet of offering an easy-to-use, qualitative "fashionable" tool by wiping out some criticism from more seasoned users on certain limitations of the tool.

In short, DesignEvo is an ideal tool for beginners or anyone looking for logo design.

Now, it's your turn to play! I will let you discover the tool in more detail with its features. Let your imagination be your guide, and DesignEvo should do the rest.