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Budget-Friendly International Universities In USA

Budget-Friendly International Universities In USA

In today’s era, education plays a vital role in getting facilities in every domain. For seeking quality education, the choice of good and diverse universities plays a crucial role. So far when we’re discussing universities we need to comprehend many things like the fee structure, buildings, offered amenities, education quality along professional faculty.

Moreover, not every student shares the same financial state as affluents, for this instance offering budget-friendly universities is a necessity of society. Education is the basic right of everyone. The majority of people always seek affordable universities where every field of their interest is offered. Introducing affordable universities is one of the challenging factors in the current age of competition.

The USA emphasizes more on budget-friendly international universities the students are looking to study in a country. So far, it is true that the USA is more expensive in every aspect than most of the countries.

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Top 10 Most Affordable Universities in the USA:

Following are some top 10 most Affordable universities offered by the USA. Keep in mind these international universities have all the required amenities that people usually seek when getting admission to any university of their interest.

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1. Nicholls State University:

Nicholls State University has been recognized as the most affordable international university.

A public university that has many divergent programs varying from Arts to nursing covering all current fields. Nicholls State University is located in a small city Louisiana.

As stated on their official website, approximately 1,255 undergraduate students are accommodated on the campus, which is one of the safest campuses and has secure environments in the entire state. 

Glance at the location and Tuition fee:


Thibodoux, louisniana

Tuition fees: 

$4,482.90 based on 15 hours per semester for Bachelor’s, $4,440.36 based on 15 hours per semester for Master’s students these figures may vary from program to program

2. Brigham Young University:

If you’re looking to pursue a higher education degree in the USA Btigham is the best option to consider. Brigham offers many programs to people striving to acquire quality education. Brigham is a private research university fostered by the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Although many students of Brigham are affiliated with the church, also students who belong to other religions are directed to join BYU if they are willing for it. This university has established campuses in Utah, Hawaii, and Idaho, providing students with diverse educational quality and sharing an amazing location.

Glance at the location and tuition fees:


Brigham shares campuses in Utah, Hawaii, Provo, and Idaho.

Tuition fees: 

Per semester fee for Bachelor’s is $6,304, and $14,636 per semester for Master’s students in Utah varies from program to program.

3. Eastern New Mexico University:

Eastern New Mexico is recognized as one of the cheapest and most affordable universities in the Southwest US. For convenience the university has both options for their enrolled students they can attend classes physically (on-site) and can attend classes remotely, the university offers a distance learning option to their students.

Furthermore, the smaller size of classes makes the students engage with lectures and professors in an incredible way that fosters their learning capabilities.    

Glance at the location and tuition fees:


Located in Portales

Tuition fee: 

Per year fee for Bachelor’s is $8,568

For Masters, the accommodation starts from $7,110 per year.

4. Mississippi University for Women’s:

This university is identified as the first public college for women offered in the United States.

As stated on the official website of Mississippi University for women, students typically experience lower debt on graduation as compared to other universities in the state

A glance at the Location and tuition fee:


Mississippi, Columbus

Tuition fees: 

The fee for semester enrollment for 9-13 credits is approximately $3,883.

5. Bridgewater State University:

Close to Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, Bridgewater State University is located in a peaceful college town with a handsome number of Students. Students of this university enjoy a lot of favors from fee structure to building and other accommodations.

The campus houses over 2,000 students in 11 residence halls maintained by the university

A glance at Location and Tuition Fee:


Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Tuition fee: 

The starting fee for the bachelor’s program is $7,050, $488.50/per credit per hour for a Master’s student.

6. Minnesota State University-Moorhead:

Minnesota State University is a public university located in Moorhead, Minnesota. This university welcomes students from 58 countries and offers 213 different programs on-site along with online learning opportunities for many subjects.

This university offers many graduate and undergraduate programs concerning more about delivering quality education to their students. It is the part of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.

Glance at Location and Tuition fee:


Moorhead, Minnesota.

Tuition fees: 

Per semester fees for 12-18 credits is $8,837.

7. Southwest Minnesota State University:

The main focus of Southwest State University is on liberal arts majors. This university offers many amenities to its enrolled students like clubs, library accommodations, student residences, and organizations. They offer many programs in arts and professions

The campus is well known for its dedication to providing a quality education and fostering an encouraging and comprehensive environment for students.

Glance at location and Tuition fee:


located in Marshall. Minnesota

Tuition fees: 

The tuition fees of Southwest Minnesota depend on many factors such as programs, number of credits, and residency status. The Tuition fee for a bachelor’s is $10,116 per year and $9,324 per year for a Master’s degree.

8. Bemidji State University:

Located near Bemidji Lake and is encompassed by Minnesota’s Forests. Bemidji is an absolute destination for students who want to enjoy outdoor activities, especially during the winter months.

This university offers approximately 70 bachelor’s programs and 80 Master’s degree programs as well as remote learning facilities to its students.

Somehow this university satisfies its students with its diverse and beautiful location.

A Glance at location and tuition fees:


If anyone is planning to live on campus, Bemidji State University shares the most stunning and provides aesthetic pleasure to its students. This is located in Bemidji, Minnesota.

Tuition fees: 

$10,150 for consecutive semesters.

9. South Dakota State University:

So far this university offers almost 80 majors and 97 minors and full-campus activities.

This most affordable university was introduced by the United States. This campus has been ranked the most secured for three consecutive years.

This university has been recognized as the most nice place to live and pursue quality education. This campus is recognized for its picturesque campus.

Glance at the location and tuition fee:


located in Brookings, South Dakota.

Tuition fees: 

Fee structure depends upon many factors or amenities offered by the university, and varies from program to program. $5,642 for 15 credits per semester

10. National Louis University:

This university offers good figures for scholarships to its students, the amount of scholarship is $7,599 for full-time international students. The main concern of the university is to provide students with a knowledgeable education.

With a career-oriented educational approach, the university is the prime choice of more than 8,000 students beyond Illinois and Florida. 

A Glance at the location and tuition fees:


Chicago, Tampa, or surrounding Florida and Illinois.

Tuition fee: 

$19,350 per year, depending on 12-14 credit hours

Frequently Asked Questions(FQAs):

1. Which university is the cheapest in the USA for international students?

Some cheapest and most affordable universities are

1.     California State University

2.     The University of Wisconsin

3.     Brooklyn College

4.     The South Dakota State University.

2. How much does it cost to study in the USA from Pakistan?

For Pakistani students who want to pursue their higher studies in the USA, they almost need to pay the cost between $20,000 to $ 45,000 per year excluding living expenses. 

3. Is it cheap to study in the USA?

It is interesting for you to know that average Canadian university tuition fees are 27% lower than the US universities. Due to which mostly students prefer to pursue their higher education at Canadian universities.