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5 Ways A Virtual Magician Can Save Your Online Business Meetings During COVID-19

Virtual Magician Can Save Your Online Business Meetings

Are you struggling to keep the magic alive in your online business meetings? We know it can be challenging to keep your colleagues and clients entertaintained, especially when most of us have been remote for over a year now. But, it doesn’t have to feel like another boring Zoom meeting. 

A virtual magic show is a perfect way to spice things up and to keep employees and clients engaged. Here are 5 ways a virtual magician can save your online business meetings during COVID-19.

1) Virtual entertainment can bring everyone closer together!

When you think about it, your employees do magic themselves everyday to help the businesses move forward. A company’s ability to develop and grow is contingent on work-life balance, the working environment and the impact employees have. Why not show them appreciation with virtual magic entertainment?

They’ve been working so hard these past months and it’s not easy to adapt to a new working environment online. Virtual magic shows can help boost morale and keep your employees happy. It is also important to note that corporate magic shows also help build a bridge with prospective clients. 

2) Virtual magic shows are the perfect ice breakers

Are you pursuing a client and need a way to break the ice? How about closing a deal with a client?

Virtual magic shows can help ease the pressure when building relationships with clients. Think of it like a completely new way of bringing something special to the table. You’ll be recognized as a brand who is innovative and willing to go above and beyond. There is a lot of value in collaborative interactions that can bring people together, even if they are hundreds of miles away. A little magic and you all will feel like you’re in the same room together!

3) An online magic show is unpredictable everytime

If you’re tired of the same daily sales meeting or “check ins” with your manager, a virtual magic show can keep things unpredictable. Magic can be unique, mysterious and unexpected. Virtual magicians always have something up their sleeves to give a “wow” factor that you’ll never forget. The best part is you don’t know how it will start, or how it will end. That’s something you can’t find on netflix or in the movies.

4) A Virtual magician can be a great addition to your next corporate event!

Event planning during COVID-19 can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Employees and clients need a little magic to keep the wheels turning. Now that we are in 2021 and are hoping to get back on track, a virtual magician can help a business give a special thanks to everyone who has worked hard over the past few months, while giving an incredible experience at the same time. 

5) You can even learn something from a virtual magic show

Don’t let your next business meeting tune out your employees. A virtual magic show can be fun, entertaining and educational. There are only a few virtual magicians that offer interactive shows where you can actually learn some magic. Harrison Kramer is a virtual magician and mentalist who has done 15-90 minute virtual magic shows for businesses all around the world. He even teaches his audiences magical thinking, deception, and sleight of hand, all through team building exercises. It’s a perfect way to keep your employees engaged and to have fun during these unprecedented times.