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Top Best International Job Finding Apps To Explore Your Job Experience

The job market is becoming more complicated day by day due to multiple reasons for employees and employers. Finding compatible posts according to your qualifications and desired position took a lot of work and effort. Moreover, nowadays the whole world is interconnected, and finding international job opportunities is not easy, however, the best job-finding apps play an important role in job searching. These apps have features with user-friendly interfaces, advanced search filters, furthermore real-time job notifications for individual app users. The job-finding apps increase your job search according to your skills, preferences, aspirations, and perfect job opportunities. Nonetheless, we will guide you about job-searching apps to help you explore and expand your professional experiences. 

Best Job Finding Apps

The best job-finding apps in the world that are mostly used for achieving your career and desired position worldwide:

  1. Glassdoor    (63.7  M visitors per month)

  2. ZipRecruiter     (53.3  M visitors per month)

  3. Jobstreet    (8.8   M visitors per month)

  4. CareerBuilder    (8.45  M visitors per month)

  5. FlexJobs     (7.55  M visitors per month)

  6. Naukrigulf  (3.95 M Visitors Per Month)

  7. Indeed     (2.11  M visitors per month)

  8. LinkedIn     (1.61  M visitors per month)

Glassdoor_(63.7  M visitors per month)

Glassdoor is an American job-finding website where current and former employees can find companies and desired positions. Employees use this app to find desired jobs by using different tools moreover as job-finding filters and availability. In addition, Glassdoor introduced a free-based program called “Enhance Employee Profile” in 2010 for employees to include their content. Glassdoor is a famous app with a lot of users, approximately 63.7 million users visit websites per month. 

Company Rating

Rating: 4.6  By 270,306 Votes According to Google

Company Value

Glassdoor was acquired in 2018 at $1.2 Billion

CEO of Glassdoor

Christian Sutherland-Wong 


50 Beale Street, San Francisco, California, U.S.

Type of Site

Job search engine, review site

ZipRecruiter_(53.3  M visitors per month)

ZipRecruiter is an online employment marketplace whose main purpose is to connect businesses with the right people for their open roles or former employees. Moreover, ZipRecruiter is the one-stop shop for finding or posting jobs worldwide. Additionally, ZipRecruiter simplifies the job searching process by allowing users to upload their resumes and apply for multiple jobs at the same time. This app is famous in public due to its job searching process and ease of use. However, approximately 53.3 million users visit this site in just one month and get their desired job. On the other hand, this job-finding app provides different tools to employers for finding accurate persons for specific jobs. The tools are to review resumes, provide job listings, and communicate with candidates.

Jobstreet_(8.18  M visitors per month)

Jobstreet is an online recruitment platform where highly educated students apply for jobs as freshers in the industry. Moreover, the Jobstreet app is just like a bridge between the recruiter and the applicant for the specific job. This job-searching platform partners with universities and employers to simplify the recruitment process smoothly along with easy to understand. Approximately 16.1 million visitors visit this site per month and 10 million plus downloads of this app at the Play Store. Nonetheless, in this job searching platform, you are not just searching for a job online but you can start your journey towards a bright and dream career.

CareerBuilder_(8.45  M Visitors Per Month)

CareerBuilder is an employment website founded in 1995 Moreover it provides services in several countries. Furthermore, this online job-searching platform operates in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and nearby countries. Around 8.45 million users visit this website to find the best job opportunities worldwide or nearby. However, it completely trusted secure application where job finders can explore a wide range of job listings and identify their skills.

Flexjobs_(7.55  M visitors per month)

Flexjobs is a trusted job-finding platform where remote and flexible job opportunities are available with task-based work. Moreover, the Flexjob application has user-friendly interference for new users to use for specific job searching. This job searching platform connects the job seeker with the legal remote and flexible job-providing industries in the market. Nevertheless, Freelance, Part-Time, Fiver, and Upwork are examples of remote job-providing markets. Therefore, around 7.55 million users visit this site to find the best opportunities and search related to their skills.

Naukrigulf_(3.95 M Visitors Per Month)

Naukrigulf is a Dubai-based job portal that is created for job seekers and employers across the Gulf region. Naukrigulf has a user-friendly interface moreover comprehensive listings of jobs so job seekers easily find their desired positions. Therefore it simplifies the job search process for individuals in various Gulf countries like the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and more. However, the Naukrigulf job-finding app has the feature of a job filter in which job seekers can find jobs according to the desired sector in the company. This job-searching app has 3.95 million visitors per month.

Indeed _(2.11  M Visitors Per Month)

This job-searching app is the most famous employment website in the world with its attractive and easy-to-use interface. Similarly, Indeed the app has unique users moreover highly educated visitors every month. Furthermore, around 2.11 million users visit this job-finding app to search for their desired position. Indeed attracts recruiters and job seekers by providing different tools such as giving them free access to search for jobs and explore countless listings. Additionally,  post resumes to see recruiters, find the right candidates, search with the employment title, and research companies.

LinkedIn _(1.61  M Visitors Per Month)

LinkedIn is an employment and business-focused social media platform that works from the website and application. Moreover, Reid Hoffman and Eric Ly launched this app on 5th May 2003, and since December 2016  Microsoft owned it. LinkedIn is like a virtual networking hub where professionals connect and share job ideas furthermore explore career opportunities, and search for recruiter companies Additionally it becomes your digital resume for any recruitment company.


Reid Hoffman, Eric Ly, Konstantin Guericke


Ryan Roslansky (Jun  2020)

Parent organization

Microsoft Corporation

Registered Users

900 Million Users Registered Worldwide

Headquarters Location

Sunnyvale, California, United States

Final Thoughts

In conclusion in this complex and huge job market job finding has never been easier without the help of these top-notch job-finding apps. From Glassdoor to LinkedIn each app offers a unique and easy-to-use feature for recruiters and candidates. Furthermore, these features are designed to streamline your job searching and job-achieving experience. Whether you are searching for local job opportunities or visiting international job availabilities these apps play an important role in expanding your professional perspective. Nonetheless, the power of technology and the world’s digitalization can completely change the process of hiring and firing an employee from the job or finding the desired job virtually and manually.  However, Let these apps be your trusted companions as you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the job market.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Q1. What are the job-finding apps and how are they used by freshers?

A. Job-finding apps are digital platforms that are designed to help individuals search and apply for a specific job. Moreover, They work by aggregating job listings from various sources, allowing users to search for jobs based on their skills and qualifications. Furthermore, a fresh graduate or user can use it easily with the help of user-friendly interferences and job filtering tools.

Q2. Are these job-finding apps free to use?

A. These job-finding apps offer some basic option that are free to use for everyone the app requires them to register themself first. Moreover, these apps' free features are browsing job listings and apply free. Nonetheless, some apps offer premium features to subscribe to plans for additional benefits such as advanced job searching tools, resume-building job profile analytics, etc.