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Top 10 Biggest Augmented Reality Trends in 2021: Future of Augmented Reality

Top 10 Biggest Augmented Reality Trends in 2021

Definition: What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality? The mixing of intuitive advanced components of a real-world environment. These are enhanced by multiple sensory modalities, computer-generated information, buzzy haptic criticism, or other tactile projections to our genuine surroundings. The common examples of Augmented reality are Neyon Clash, Pokemon Go, Sharks in the Park.

The technology has been changing day by day, and there are too many new innovations are taking part in this. But there are very fewer ones that are impacting and became successful in human’s life.

In which the most common technologies are augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), you can say like ar vr market in the past five years that increase their popularity and growing very fast.

That’s why there are several augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality trends 2021 that are affecting on both AR and VR. Accordingly, the patterns hope to keep getting progressively more self-evident, and effective, all through 2021 and past.

The Augmented Reality directly impact on Industry, Hardware, Software, Tools & Infrastructure, Culture, Enterprise, Investments and much more.

Here we discuss some of them that are really important augmented reality (AR) trends in 2021. Hope you will enjoy and send us your feedback.

Trend #1: Mobile Augmented Reality (AR): Apple ARKit 3.0 and Google’s ARCore

Let’s go back to 2017 presentation of Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore programming improvement units (SDKs) has normalized the advancement instruments and democratized portable AR application creation which has realized more than two fold the measure of versatile AR-empowered gadgets and significantly increased the number of dynamic clients during 1.5 years.

In 2018 Apple has launched ARKit 2.0 at WWDC 2018 and they also publish an article on their website on 4 June 2018. They did this because they get a crowd of portable clients.

 Afterwards ARKit 3.0 at WWDC 2019. As far as innovation, the presented propels put portable AR in a similar line with headset-based AR, if not above it. We despite everything can see a huge ARKit's strength over ARCore, anyway the last has developed just about multiple times in total figures. The introduced base of ARCore-perfect Android gadgets developed from 250 million gadgets in December 2018 to 400 million in May 2019.

Later on, they are introducing ARkit 4 at WWDC 2020. In this update When combined with the 3D mesh data generated by Scene Geometry, the depth information makes virtual object occlusion even more realistic by enabling instant placement of virtual objects and blending them seamlessly with their physical surroundings.

Trend #2: Augmented Reality in shopping

There is a research in 2021 that more than 100 Million customers expected to use Augmented Reality industry shopping technology, you can say that a great number of customers are redirecting to the AR.

A report by a company BRP shows that 48% of customers are now preferring to buy goods from the retailers that are using AR. In coming 2 to 3 years the others surely prefer to add Augmented reality to their services. Smart mirror technologies that scan RFID tags also offer the ability to bring recommendations to the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. IKEA customers have access to an app that permits them to point their phones at spaces and see what different products would look like in their own homes.

In the shopping industries mainly the retailer of these industries is started using Augmented reality trends in 2021. In which

  • Makeup
  • fashion
  • Clothing
  • Shoes

These are the main industries that started using Augmented reality in 2021. There are many more that are working on it.

Trend #3: XR role in healthcare

In 2020 as when the Augmented reality industry is growing rapidly and the ar vr market increasing day by day. It also taking part in healthcare sector. As Virtual reality trends, 2021 has already been adopted in therapy, where it is used to treat patients with phobias and anxiety disorders. It is helping people in Autism and Dyslexia.

The phycologist is using virtual reality trends to cure the autism and dyslexia patients by Joined with biosensors that screen physiological responses like pulse and sweat, advisors can show signs of improvement comprehension of how patients respond to distressing circumstances in a protected, virtual condition.

Currently, the adaptation of VR is low but according to research it will be increased to 38% in 2025. As there are some apps that are working to find out the patient veins to the nurses for the purpose of injection and drips.

Trend #4: Augmented Reality (AR) for navigation

In research ARKit and ARCore based applications for the indoor route. It can give bearings in these

  • Air terminals
  • Shopping centres
  • Medical clinic
  • Office grounds
  • Markets

The real example is Gatwick Airport has just sent its own cell phone arrangement that gives courses to terminals and entryways dependent on a client's flight number. This is one of the best and current trends in virtual reality in 2020.

Trend #5: Augmented Reality (AR) – In the enterprise Solutions

Just a few years off there is a solution for Smartglasses. Military, clinical and undertaking arrangements, be that as it may, are starting to demonstrate the benefit of consolidating AR with headsets and keen glasses.

In February 2019, one of the major current headwinds for AR is battery life. The Microsoft HoloLens 2 was made in this 2019 that was the most anticipated product that has been made. The U.S. Army has awarded a $480 mln contract to Microsoft, and the company is also working with the industrial IoT firm PTC to streamline the development of both augmented and mixed reality products.

Before 2025 it is a research that over 20 Million of workers will probably use smart glasses and they will be under Virtual Reality in the sale.

Walmart and Tyson are deploying the traditional tanning for the adaptation of smart glasses. They are learning about compliance and safety issues and identifying the problems and solutions by using Augmented reality trends. According to the ABI research, AR-based training in the enterprise will be a $6 billion industry by 2022.

Trend #6: Revolution in 5G opens new possibilities for VR and AR

With the revolution of 5G Super-fast mobile networks strengthen the presence in the industry of entertainment by the potential of XR and make further inroads into the industry during 2021.

It boosts the industry of entertainment in which including

  • TV
  • Drama
  • Internet
  • Film
  • Theatre
  • Social media
  • YouTube

These are including and increase the speed of browsing.

Virtual Reality (VR) Trends 2021 in Streaming has been possible in a limited way for a few years now – Facebook lets you do it with your phone, but the experience is limited due to data transfer speeds and low on-device processing power. If you combine with the cloud and 5G technology means designers of VR and AR tools will be uncounted by the need to deliver their experiences into a low-bandwidth, low-powered environment. In result you will get the cheaper headsets by viewing devices and more realistic VR simulations.

The speed of data transfer is up to 3 gigabits per second – by comparison, and the average speed of home broadband will be under 100 megabits per second – it means 5G should be fast enough then cloud to stream VR and AR. The rendered images can be delivered back to the user in real-time thanks to the speed of 5G and other advanced networks.

Trend #7: Revolution of Augmented Reality Trends in WebAR

2021 will be a significant year for WebAR, as the developers in 2021 engage users at scale web with a frictionless way. This make ease, reach and accessible to create and update the immersive content in real-time. This year will see an influx of AR content populate the web as developers push the limits of WebAR to create complex and meaningful content that is just a tap of a link away.

The best example of WebAR in 2021 is,

  • Chrome AR: It is a highly anticipated product of 2021. Users can easily log on to AR-enabled websites to access the same level of functionality, instead, they are needing to use specialized apps. In order to foster adoption, an unofficial and unsupported version of the WebAR code is made available to developers on GitHub, too.
  • Mozilla Firefox: It is also engaged with WebAR and trying to bring AR solutions to Firefox. The goal is to make AR adoption significantly more friction-free by using the installed user bases of web browser audiences.
  • Apple AR Solution: Apple is also providing the WebAR as all the other competitor browsers are providing the WebAR services to their browsers.
  • Samsung WebAR: In Samsung mobile, they started to add WebAR services very late as they are not in at the end of the year 2019 but after they have started to using WebAR in their browser. 2021 is the year that WebAR may become available on virtually every up-to-date web browser in the world.
  • Microsoft web browser offerings are also rapidly adopting WebAR standards.

Trend #8: Industrial use outpaces gaming and entertainment

In the augmented reality industry, most of the people’s experiences VR first and AR today are likely to be in gaming and entertainment. That is probably going to change, as exploration shows that the advancement of big business XR arrangements is surpassing that on purchaser arrangements.

The augmented reality games trends in 2021 increased from 2019. As in 2019, the percentage of augmented reality games trends was just 30%, now it increased to more than 68% than the previous year. These trends are increasing day by day.

In 2020 XR Industry Insight report the stats are collated by VR Intelligence in which they show that more than 65% of the AR companies surveyed said they are working on industrial applications, while just 37% working on consumer products and software.

In recent years Pokemon Go and Facebook's Oculus Rift, the potential to boost productivity and safety using XR. They make an attractive proposition for the industry. VR can be utilized to recreate working in risky situations or with costly, handily harmed devices and hardware, with no of the dangers. While on the other hand AR, can be utilized to hand-off basic data straightforwardly to the client about whatever happens to be before them.

Her you can see the List of 5 Best Augmented Reality Games 2021’s that are using AR Marketing.

These are some big names that are using Augmented Reality Marketing in 2021. There are lot of other games that are also using the AR marketing and make their name in the virtual reality industry.

Trend #9: Augmented Reality Industry in the automotive industry

The augmented reality industry having a big name in the automotive industry in 2021. The automotive industry is using augmented marketing. In 2019 the automotive manufacturers started considering the AR solutions. As Genesis G80 include the number of features to track driver’s line with the holographic overlay in the right spot. Instead, they look on the dashboard to track the way by GPS. They can see the arrows by just doing head-up displays. 

The other example is, Porsche has also started using Augmented Reality in their cars to make their system up to date with AR.

According to research in 2021 the automotive companies that started using ar trends.

  • Hyundai
  • BMW
  • Chevrolet
  • Jaguar
  • Lexus
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes-Bez
  • MINI
  • Toyota
  • Volvo

And they are using AR Applications in the Automotive Industry.

  • Heads Up Displays (HUD)
  • Sales
  • Owner’s Manuals
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance

One significant favourable position of car AR is that a considerable lot of the issues that are available in other use cases are effectively survived. Vehicles as of now have alternators to create an electrical force for use on the fly, to a great extent wiping out battery concerns. In like manner, the windshield fills in as a prepared substitute for lumbering headsets. Different ages of drivers have likewise been accustomed to onscreen information and directions by methods for vehicle themed computer games.

Trend #10: Augmented Reality Trends in Video Storytelling

In 2021 there is a big trend of Augmented Reality in social media Apps. In which face filters now a commodity and an army of filter creators ramped up on creating AR for the face, social AR platforms and their creators will shift their focus to body filters.

Lens Studio and Spark AR are offering body AR templates. TikTok, which we may see open itself up more to filter creators this year 2021. TikTok's full body video dramas are the ideal spot to play with body AR, outfitting TikTokkers with embellishments to supercharge their recordings.

Anticipate that your Stories should be loaded up with your companions tossing fireballs, hitting the dance floor with characters and more this year as body channels assume control over your feeds.

The best examples of Video Storytelling Apps of 2021 are,

  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

In most cases, AR scene consists of 3 main components.

  1. Assets – Use visible and invisible components that create the story
  2. User Interactions
  3. The Environment created by the user

Conclusion: Future of Augmented Reality

In the ar vr market as the trends are improving day by day. So, everyone has questions in their mind about — what is the future of augmented reality? Experts predict the AR/VR industry to reach more than $45B by 2025—and this growth will constantly and quickly be increased by the end of 2025. So, augmented reality has a bright future in the field of technology.

The main industries in which Augmented reality will grow are

  • Video Games – 20.2 Billion
  • Health – 6.5 Billion
  • Engineering – 4.9 Billion
  • Live Event – 4.1 Billion
  • Entertainment – 3.8 Billion
  • Real Estate – 2.9 Billion
  • Retail – 2.2 Billion
  • Education – 1.1 Billion
  • Military - 1 Billion

According to these stats, the main industry is Video Games that are targeting the ar ve market to grow rapidly till 2025.