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A List of Ways to Trace Who the Owner of a Phone Number Is

Trace Who the Owner of a Phone Number Is

Have you or someone close to you received a call or a text from a peculiar contact number? It is pretty risky to pick up such calls or reply to these messages, especially given the growing rate of cybercrimes. Nevertheless, countless methods are available to help you unravel the mystery behind the caller. Hence, you can explore these options to find out their real identity, personal data, call history, and location, among other things.

That said, this article will help you discover different ways to effortlessly identify the person behind an unknown mobile number.

1. Performing A Google Search

The fact that Google is the most popular search engine makes it one of the most viable methods to find the identity of an unknown caller. You only need to enter the number in the search bar, then look through the results. All related matches to the digits will be displayed in the search results if the number has been published on a website or listed in a phone directory, among other places. One advantage of doing a Google search first is that it is easy, so anyone can do it, and it doesn't cost you anything.

2. Social Networks

You would be surprised how much data you can acquire about an individual on social media platforms. Most people fill out their accounts with all of the necessary personal data, such as contacts, residence, and mail addresses, among other things. As a result, social media sites are the perfect locations to find an individual using their mobile details for free.

i) Facebook

Finding details on Facebook is a simple process. Enter the foreign number into your Facebook page's search tool to see what comes up. You may also log out of your account, then select the option to restore your Facebook account using your phone number, and enter the unrecognized contact. You will now see the name connected with it. However, this can only apply if the individual in question has a Facebook account.

ii) WhatsApp

You can easily identify the person you are looking for if they have a WhatsApp profile attached to this number. Save the number as a new contact in your phone directory, and it should automatically appear on your WhatsApp contact list. If you're lucky, their face will appear on the profile picture.

3. Using Reverse Lookup Sites

Reverse lookup sites allow you to obtain detailed information on any telephone number, whether for a company or personal line. With these sites, you can quickly locate what you are searching for or a partial result that will help you narrow down your search.

The PhoneHistory reverse phone and text lookup is one such tool that can help you find the location, personal data, mobile, and name linked with the contact. Input the details into the search bar, and all relevant results will appear. Obtaining personal information through reverse lookup sites is legal and free.

4. Contacting the Service Provider

Another way to uncover an unknown caller's identity is by calling your network provider. Network providers collect and keep records of call logs and personal info of their users or network subscribers. However, this information is confidential. The best service providers can do for you is to provide the caller's location; if it is from the same provider, they can also give you the name. Conversely, circumstances such as harassment and cyberbullying warrant them to provide a mobile tracing option.

5. Searching Via Username

It's normal to forget someone's contact, but probably you remember their username or email address. Most individuals use the same username and email address across all their social media platforms. This makes your search easy and quick. You can use username search websites that will provide you with a direct link to the social platform where the username has been used and obtain their details from there.

6. Using A Phone Monitoring App

The beauty of advanced technology in today's information technology infrastructure is its simplicity in our daily life. With just their mobile details, you can effortlessly hack a mobile number. You can use this to your advantage and access the user's data. You can see the unknown caller's identity, as well as their location, amidst other details. All you need is a phone tracking app, and you are good to go. However, this should be done carefully because hacking can be an intrusive activity and illegal in most countries.

7. Truecaller App

This is one of the most popular applications among mobile users worldwide, used for identifying new callers and blocking spam calls. Any unknown caller, along with their details, can be found here. Moreover, you can even get additional information with a paid membership.

You can search for more details on the app using the caller's phone number. The application also provides the personal details of any new caller if you already have the app installed. However, to use its services, you must provide your contact information while signing up, which may be a deal breaker for some people.

Limitations of Using Online Tools for a Number Search 

While online applications are a great way to unmask spam callers, here are some limitations to these solutions.

  • You will get incorrect data if the owner has recently changed ownership or the number has been deactivated.
  • If the owner has asked that their mobile details be scrapped from public databases, your search will be unsuccessful.
  • Some websites and applications require you to pay a subscription to use their services.
  • Some states have laws prohibiting reverse mobile number lookups, which will impede your search.


Due to rising cases of attacks and cybercrimes, new unknown callers are bad news. Receiving calls from foreign numbers can be unpleasant, especially if it's the nagging type. Finding their cell phone details, location, and personal information is daunting; however, there is no need to fret. If you ever find yourself in this situation, follow the suggestions above. You will be one step closer to refining your search and, maybe, uncovering the identity of your unknown caller anonymously.