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3 Sources of Human Hair Extensions

Indique Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin hair extensions are widely used by women who want to increase the volume or length of their hair. A well-sewn extension looks like your hair, and most people cannot tell it's an additional. It changes how you look without damaging your natural hair. However, do you know where that beautiful hair extension comes from? 

Best Hairstyles For Girls And Women in which Most women do know and have never thought about it. As long as they got original Remy hair, they are willing to pay a high price for it. Here are the primary sources of the human hair on the head that you love and cherish so much. 

3 Sources of Human Hair Extensions

1) Willing Sellers

Most of the Remy hair extensions are from women who had to make tough decisions. Some of them were battling poverty and looking for some money to better their lives. While some are paid a decent amount, others exchange their hair for a few dollars.

The luscious hair you buy hundreds of dollars was given away as a last resort. It is the other side of the stunning hair that you rock so beautifully. The hair is cut directly from the seller's head by a collector who ensures the original features such as hair cuticle are not interfered with.  It is later cleaned, conditioned, double weft and it's ready for sale. If you take good care of such hair it will not lose its natural luster, shed or tangle. 

2) Donors

Donors from India have their hair shaved in a temple during a ceremony known as Tonsure. They do these to appease gods to give them peace. It is a voluntary sacrifice where thousands of people line up to shave their hair. The temple is allowed to sell the hair and makes millions of dollars every year. Temple hair is given voluntarily and is one of the best sources of human hair extensions. 

3) Hair from Barbershops

Another of way of sourcing human hair is through barbershops. When you visit the barber shop to have your hair or styled cut, pieces of hair will fall on the floor. Some barbers take this hair and sell it to hair collectors, and they are processed to make Virgin hair extensions. 

This type of human hair is cheap and is sometimes referred to as used hair. It is nothing close to Remy hair quality and is of low-quality, tangles and sheds after it's worn.

Most of the hair human hair extensions are from donors and willing sellers from India, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru, and Malaysia. When buying your human hair extensions, make sure they are original. Brands like Indique Hair, Hair Factory, Virgin Hair Factory source their hair from South Indian temple so there are 100% pure virgin hair.

Some vendors mix the human hair with animal and synthetic strands. When you buy fake human hair it will affect how you style your hair because the fake strands react differently to heat.  And again, who wants to walk around with animal hair on their head? Make you choice wisely and buy from a trusted brand that has been there for a long time.