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SEMrush vs. Moz: Which SEO Tool is Best? Individual Or Business

SEMrush vs. Moz Which Seo Tool is Best

Why does a business need to use an SEO software tool?

Most people ask this question as beginners in this field and as business owners who want to work on promoting their products or services online. As you may already understand, search engine optimization (SEO) is all about knowing the best keywords, Inject them into content, and get a rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). 

There is a tough competition to get to the top on SERPs, which makes it important for you to know what your competitor is doing. With this information, you can take the lead and change the game by using SEO tools.

What is an SEO Software Tool?

It is software or an online platform that provides all the important data you need for successful SEO and organic marketing campaigns to promote your business. 

To be honest, there is a lot of features that can help you to do with your website with an SEO software tool.

Don't miss to read these brilliant reasons why you should use one are:

1 - Discover your competitor's SEO strategy

With an SEO tool, you can pull out data that can tell you what your competitor is doing.

You can spy on them and make better marketing campaigns to beat your competition. Not only do you get to see their traffic numbers and their keyword ranks, but you also get to see where they have backlinks. 

2 - Backlink Profile

You can use the SEO software tool to get a complete backlink profile. This information tells you which websites they have their backlinks on and what anchor texts they used. With this information, you can make great outreach plans to generate an even better backlink profile for your business. 

3 - High Converting Keywords

You may hit the wall eventually in the game of generating a list of keyword opportunities. You may not be sure of what content to use to build your authority in your niche.

With the right SEO tool, you can see what keywords your competitor is using and add them to your content marketing plan. You can isolate keywords with high conversion rates and use those. 

4 - Save Time on Manual SEO Audit

Making manual SEO audits can be very cumbersome and time-consuming. Using the SEO software tool, you can automatically generate the audit report and use it for your campaigns.

Moreover, this saves you a lot of money hiring someone to do the SEO audit manually. Moreover, the tool can tell you about missing alt texts, Meta tags, Meta descriptions, orphaned pages, broken links, missing page titles, etc. 

5 - Track SEO Progress and KPIs

Most people measure their website success through their SEO success. They prefer traffic that is more organic, more leads, and conversions. Calculating keyword success on your own is difficult.

An SEO software tool provides a detailed analytical reporting platform that makes it easier to track SEO progress per keyword.

Your KPIs can depend on pointers like the number of backlinks, keyword rankings, domain authority, traffic, sales, etc. 

6 - Conceptualized and Visual Data

You get a visual representation of data in the reports the SEO software tool generates. This not only simplifies the data but also helps you make better decisions and plan better content and paid marketing campaigns.

There are numerous SEO tools out there but we will review two of the top tools – SEMrush and Moz. So, let us get right to it.

Comprehensive SEMrush Comparison With MOZ PRO

Let’s jump in to do a comprehensive comparison of these 2 SEO Tool giants. We explain from features to the pricing plan.

1. Overview of SEMrush & Moz

Let us go over a quick overview of both SEMrush and Moz so that you can understand both tools and make an informed decision. This will also help you understand why we recommend SEMrush as the better of the two.

SEMrush Overview

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is an online platform that tells you about the visibility of any website.

It provides solutions for successful SEO, SMM, PPC, and content marketing.

It also provides a competitive research tool that allows you to analyze and make better strategies to market your business.

It is a complete solution, which enables you to improve your brand visibility through market insights. 

Moz Overview

What is Moz?

Moz is mostly an open link explorer, and one of the most popular SEO tools out there. 

It explores backlink profiles and has many other amazing features as well. As an all-in-one SEO tool, it helps businesses manage different aspects of their marketing campaigns.

It also helps you understand your audience better, and provides insights that help you grow your website traffic.

2. Domain Analysis

Domain analysis is important in SEO. It tells you an overview of the different aspects you need for successful SEO campaigns.

However, there is a clear difference between what SEMrush offers and what Moz offers. Let us go over these:

SEMrush Domain Analysis

The domain analysis feature in SEMrush provides data on the site's authority score, organic search traffic, backlinks, paid search traffic, indexed pages, and display advertising.

With this information, you can spy on your competitor and know where you need to focus to beat them. It also shows the organic keyword positions in a concise graph. It also provides a breakdown of backlinks by sorting them as follows vs. no-follow.

Moz Domain Analysis

Once you enter the domain for which you want to run a domain analysis, it provides the following information:

  • Keyword research – This provides suggestions on the best keywords for your product
  • Rank tracking – This tells your website rank movement
  • Link research – This is like the backlinks feature in SEMrush
  • Content optimization – Tells which content is optimized and what needs improvement
  • Analysis and research – It analyzes the keywords
  • Site crawl – This tells the indexed pages

3. Keyword Research Features

As you already know, SEO campaigns depend on great keyword research. Although you can do this manually, and people did so in the past, it is very time-consuming. Using an SEO software tool makes it very easy and quick to conduct keyword research.

Here is what you need to know about the keyword research feature in SEMrush and Moz. 

SEMrush Keyword Research Features

SEMrush makes the entire process of keyword research so much easier. You get access to a huge database with as many as 20 billion keywords that come with the Keyword Magic Tool.

This has made SEMrush the top and most preferred SEO software tool in the market in recent days. It gathers global data and provides search volumes by country. 

It also shows different keyword variations that include question-based keywords. You can filter or group the keywords according to your preference to shortlist keywords.

After this, you can manage and save them by simply tapping the “+” icon beside the keywords you want to save.

Moz Keyword Research Features

This feature in Moz allows you to make your website rank better using the right keywords. The keyword explorer centralizes your workflow by discovering the best keywords to target to rank in a short time. It removes the hassles of sorting repetitive keywords and sorting bad data.

4. Spy on Your Competitors

Most people want to know what their competitor is doing so that they can beat them. Without this insight, it becomes difficult to get to the top of search engines. Here is how using these SEO tools help:

SEMrush Spy on Your Competitors

Spying on your competitor is easy using SEMrush. All you need is to follow five simple steps:

1 - Choose your competitor. Once you do this, simply head to the SEMrush dashboard and paste the link. Let the tool gather all the relevant information you need to get started. 

2 - Review their domain i.e. conduct a domain analysis. SEMrush collects information like the paid searches, backlinks, display advertising, etc. Based on this data, you can get a clear picture of what your competitor is up to. 

3 - Check their keywords using keyword analytics. With this information, you can know what keywords to use to beat them. 

4 - Evaluate the advertising information to get ideas and benchmarks to achieve. You can make better budgets for running advertisements for those keywords your competition is using. 

5 - Get the marketing plans running. The sooner you get started the better.

Moz Spy on your competitors

With the information that Moz provides, you can follow your competitor's blogs and social media profiles. You can see what keywords they are popular with and target them in your content marketing and PPC campaigns.

You can also get an idea of the backlinks and target similar websites to rank better. When it comes to spying on your competition, Moz is a lot limiting compared to SEMrush.

5. Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are a source of incoming traffic. The main challenge and goals in SEO are to get your links on high-ranking websites with high domain authority. Using an SEO software tool makes getting this information very quick and easy. 

SEMrush Backlink Analysis

If you have doubts that SEMrush is not good enough, you need to rethink this. The creators of this SEO tool have improved the backlink data so much that its new features are amazing.

You can automatically generate reports on the domain authority and analyze monthly visits.

It also tells the number of referring domains, backlinks, and organic keywords. There is no doubt that this SEO software tool is worthy to be the top tool.

Moz Backlink analysis

The link research feature in Moz is good but not as effective as the one in SEMrush. You can see where your competitor has backlinks but in some ways, the research falls shy because SEMrush has a huge personal database.

6. Site Auditing

A site audit is an essential part of SEO. It gives you all the necessary information you need to make your website perform better and improve its onsite SEO. Here is what you need to know about using SEMrush and Moz to make the best pick:

SEMrush Site Auditing

This tool has a very effective algorithm for site auditing. It checks the entire site to give you a concise summary of issues that need fixing to improve the site’s SEO. This allows you to improve onsite SEO within a short period. 

Moz Site auditing

Moz also has a site auditing tool that crawls your website to identify broken links and other issues that need fixing to make onsite SEO better.

7. Unique Features

SEMrush and Moz both offer unique features. However, Moz is limited in the features it offers. Here is a list for you to consider:

SEMrush Unique features

The unique features of SEMrush include:

  • Competitor Analysis – You can see what your competitor is doing to promote itself.
  • Keyword Research – You can save yourself the hassle of manual keyword research and get all the information you need in this tool.
  • On-page SEO – SEMrush tells you all the areas you need to fix for better on-page SEO
  • Content Marketing – With the information on your competitor and keyword analysis, you can make great content marketing plans
  • Local SEO – You can see keywords ranking for local searches and make them rank better
  • Rank Tracking – This feature tells you if a keyword moves up or down in ranking
  • Competitor SEO Analysis – You can see the progress of your competitor and plan better strategies
  • Social Media Management – You can also plan better social media marketing content to engage your followers 
  • Link Building – SEMrush tells you where your competitor has backlinks so you can also follow the lead and do better
  • Content Marketing Analytics – This feature tells you which content is generating more organic traffic and work on similar keywords to rank better
  • Content Creation and Distribution – This feature helps you plan your outreach and backlinking better
  • Content Optimization – This feature offers a guide on what keywords to use to help make your content better
  • Competitor PR Monitoring – This feature gives you insights into what your competitor is doing and how to perform better
  • Market Analysis – This feature allows you to assess the market for the product based on organic traffic and keyword research
  • Paid Advertising – For paid campaigns, you can know what keywords have a better potential for your business. This is where the PPC keyword research tool also plays an important part
  • Website Monetization – For bloggers who want to monetize their blogs, this tool offers better content planning based on keyword insights 

Moz Unique features

The unique features of Moz include:

  • Keyword research - This feature allows you to understand the traffic and keywords driving them to the website. 
  • Rank Tracking - This feature tells you how different keywords are ranking and allows you to track the keywords your competitor is using. 
  • Site Crawl - This feature offers insightful reporting on technical issues and how to fix them to improve onsite SEO
  • Content Optimization - You get to audit onsite SEO and improve it based on recommendations this tool provides. 
  • Link Research - This feature tells you how to attract traffic using the best authoritative sites to backlink your website. 
  • Analytics and Reporting - Moz provides valuable insights on different aspects of SEO and reports them in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • On-demand Crawl - This feature helps you identify technical issues in SEO by getting on-demand site auditing. 
  • MozBar - You can integrate this free SEO tool into your browser to get a quick analysis on any website you want to evaluate.
  • Local Market Analysis - Moz allows you access to hyper-local metrics like the local search volume and top competitors on SERPs.

8. User Interface & Ease of Use

There is no doubt that one of the most important aspects of a good SEO tool is the dashboard. The more simplified it is to understand; the better it is for people. Not everyone is a professional, and so a simple and easy-to-understand dashboard is important. 

SEMrush User Interface

The SEMrush user interface is very simplified and easy to use. With everything in one place, the dashboard makes using this SEO software tool very interesting for beginners as well. 

Moz User Interface

The Moz dashboard is also quite simplistic however, for a beginner it may be a bit confusing, unlike SEMrush. 

SEMrush offers a fun-to-use and easy-to-understand dashboard. This makes the user interface better in SEMrush. 

9. Pricing Plan

Both SEMrush and Moz have different price packages. You can make the best pick based on your requirements and budget. Both Moz and SEMrush have a free version as well, and Moz offers a trial version in the Moz Pro option. 

SEMrush Pricing Plan

There are three pricing plans for you to consider if you want more than the free version offers. Here is the breakdown of the packages charged per month. 

  • Pro - $119.95 – ideal for startups
  • Guru - $225.95 – ideal for small size agencies
  • Business - $499.95 – Ideal for large size agencies

Subscribing to annual billing allows you to save as much as 17% on the total spending.

Moz Pricing Plan

Moz has four price packages, which are as follows: 

  • $99/month - This is ideal for beginners. Per annum subscription is $79. 
  • $149/month - This offers ample access to keyword research tools. The annual subscription is $199/month. 
  • $249/month - This is ideal for agencies and businesses. The annual subscription for this is $199. 
  • $599/month - This is a popular package for agencies with in-house teams. The annual subscription for this is $479.

Per Month Prices

Per Year prices plans MOZ

Conclusion: MOZ or SEMrush

As you can see based on the information above, SEMrush is a better SEO software tool than Moz. Depending on your specific requirements; you can make the best pick for you. You can also share your suggestion and opinions in the comments below to help us and our readers know more about these SEO tools.