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Top 10 Offshore Software Development Companies

Offshore Outsourcing Companies

With the increase in the use of software and mobile applications, the digital presence of organizations is very important. But, however, businesses face many challenges to keep up with digitalization and this is when they need to find out the best way to remain in the competition by re-developing their existing software or coming up with the new one. And this allows businesses to have a powerful and uninterrupted digital presence. Therefore, here we will go through some of the top offshore software development companies that can help organizations to search for a partner that can offer the best solution.

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development is also popularly known as outsourcing in software engineering. It is a concept that represents the type of software development work where businesses are giving project creation tasks to another software outsourcing team in a different location.

Because of the different time zones, businesses might face some issues but these days, with the advancement in technology and remote team management tools, handling the workflow and collaborating with the hired company can be easy. So, when it comes to creating a new digital product or re-developing it, organizations must hire offshore companies.

And when any firm decides to create a new product, there are many things that need to be taken care of and for this, offshore software development can be the best option. Offshore software development companies can make things simple for businesses and can easily manage their projects.

What Does Offshore Software Development Company Do?

An offshore software development company follows a simple process of using its services to provide perfect solutions to businesses located in remote locations. The offshore outsourcing companies develop software that is created using the latest techniques and technologies for the betterment of the client's businesses.

Top Offshore Software Development Companies

Some of the most popular offshore software development companies are -

1) TatvaSoft

Tatvasoft is one of the most popular offshore software development companies that have expertise in catering to various offshoring requirements by offering various services like application migration, custom software development services, digital product development, and mobile app development. 

The expert developers in the company use state-of-the-art technologies by helping the clients translate their software development demands into a reality.

The experts of Tatvasoft have a proven record of working with the right technology for businesses across the globe. Some of the offshore services that Tatvasoft is famous for are web development, custom software development, process re-engineering, serverless application designs, cloud computing, business app development, ERP and CRM system development, software consulting, and testing & QA.

Hiring offshore outsourcing software development companies like Tatvasoft enables businesses to have benefits like convenient team scaling, access to a great talent pool, reduced development cost, no employee training costs, and no infrastructural investment.

2) Cuelogic

Cuelogic is an offshore development services provider that offers evolutionary solutions to clients all over the world. This firm offers technical expertise for every part of the software development lifecycle. The experts from Cuelogic's software development teamwork with the clients from strategy consultancy to incorporating the best practices, technologies, and process improvements. Cuelogic believes in delivering value to its clients by engineering top-notch software apps. 

The experts at Cuelogic help companies to create software that can build a digital transformation for their businesses. The teams at this firm are trusted by global organizations which include fortune 500 companies too. This software development outsourcing company delivers software at a greater velocity with the help of robust infrastructures and architectures.

The development teams at Cuelogic have expertise in offering offshore software development services like product development, data strategy, cloud & infra ops, IoT, and more.

3) MSBC Group

MSBC Group is an offshore software development services partner that creates bespoke software solutions. The experts of offshore software development companies offer a range of value-added development services as per the client's needs. The software development services by this firm are crafted to enhance the dynamic nature of the business and increase scalability.

MSBC holds a wealth of experience and knowledge in various industries across the globe. They serve their expertise in fields like logistics, fintech, and manufacturing & construction.

MSBC is a software development company with the expertise of more than 20 years in delivering innovative solutions to a wide range of industries. They have become a pioneer in creating and supporting custom software development solutions to the client's requirements.

 4) BelitSoft

BelitSoft is a top software development company that offers offshore services to startups and fortune 500 companies from Europe, UK, Israel, and the USA. The experts of this offshore development services provider company offer top solutions using the latest technologies and techniques.

BelitSoft has expertise in offering offshore solutions for custom software development, custom mobile application development, e-learning software development, financial software development, healthcare software development, and voice/speech software development.

The top offshore software developers of this firm are more concerned about delivering the right and usable product to their clients than just focusing on just the technical aspects of the software outsourcing process. They understand that the client's business can shift anytime and because of this, the experts of BelitSoft accept changes in the project requirements.

The offshore software outsourcing experts of BelitSoft decide the development approach from Agile, Waterfall, Iterative method, Rational Unified Process, and Flexible Development Techniques as per the project goals.

5) Cronj

Cronj, an offshore development company offers customized solutions that are uniquely designed to cater to the needs of the client's company. The offshore developers of this company offer services like web application development, mobile development, UI/UX design, data analytics, cloud services, quality assurance, and machine learning. Cronj is one of the outsourcing companies that offers its expertise to accelerate the growth of startups and SMBs.

Businesses hire Cronj as it values client's time & cost, offers skilled professionals, ensures client satisfaction, serves different sectors, and affirms transparency & integrity.

6) Bitscape

Bitscape is a digital transformation company that offers offshore development services to businesses of all types. The experts of this top offshore software development firm help companies prioritize and execute their business ideas. Bitscape delivers sustainable performance in a dynamic and ever-changing business environment. The offshore developers of this company create robust tech software solutions that are reliable, flexible, relatable, adaptable, and secure.

The development team helps businesses of all sizes to increase revenue and productivity with less turnaround time.

7) Synoptek

Synoptek is a perfect software development partner that offers excellent offshore services in order to drive better ROI. The top offshore service providers of Synoptek help companies in transforming their businesses. They have expertise in providing offshore outsourcing solutions like managed IT services, IT consulting, custom software solutions, product development services, business application development, web development, e-commerce development, infrastructure performance, and cybersecurity.

Synoptek, an offshore software development company serves industries like healthcare, financial services, higher education, retail, software product companies, manufacturing & distribution, and media & entertainment.

8) Existek

Existek, one of the top offshore software development services providers enables businesses to have custom solutions for their businesses. The experts of this firm incorporate the full offshore software development lifecycle to provide sophisticated enterprise applications.

The developers of Existek provide offshore development services like dedicated development teams, desktop software development, custom software development, web application development, business intelligence software, and mobile application development.

Existek delivers projects across various industries with their expertise in the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, and more.

9) Scalers

Scalers, an offshore software development company leverages its proven approach to broaden its software development capacity and deliver solutions at speed. This company can be the outsourcing software development company for any business as it offers top-notch solutions with the use of some of the popular technologies.

Scalers is a company that combines its management structures with companies of Eastern Europe and processes with top offshore Indian developers with the expertise to deliver excellent solutions.

10) Eiosys

Eiosys is a top offshore software development services provider that helps big brands and small businesses by driving digital transformation and the experts make this possible by delivering unique and innovative websites and applications. The developers of this firm provide best-in-class software outsourcing services like custom software development, mobile app development, eCommerce website development, and more.

The software development team of Eiosys offers solutions like food delivery, grocery delivery, eCatalog, TikTok Clone, medical delivery, and more.


As seen in this blog, there is a list of offshore software development companies that offer high-quality services to different types of domain directions and businesses. Business owners can visit the websites of these outsourcing companies to find out more details about them and decide which vendor to hire for their projects.