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List of adjectives that start with o

list of adjectives that start with o
A Longest list of Adjectives that starts with O can found below, which are helpful to any type of students,  and specially to those students who are keen to learn language. 

Here we are presenting you the the most beneficial list of adjectives that starts with O.

Oafish, oaken.

Obedient, obeisant, obese, objectionable, objective, obligational, obliged, oblique, oblivious, oblong, obnoxious, obscene, obscure, obsequious, observable, observant, observational, obsessive, obsolescent, obsolete, obstinate, obtainable, obvious.

Occasional, occidental, occipital, occlusive, occupational, oceanic, oceanographic, octagonal, ocular.

Odd, odious.


Offbeat, offensive, offhand, official, officious, offshore.



Ok, okay.

Ol, old, olde, olden, older, oldest, ole, oleophilic, oleophobic, olive, olivefaced, olympian, olympic.

Ominous, omniscient.

Oncoming, one, oneasy, onerous, onetime, only, onrushing, ontological.

Opalescent, opaque, open, operable, operatic, operational, operative, opinionated, opportune, opportunistic, opposite, oppressive, optical, optimal, optimistic, optimum, optional, Opulent.

Oral, oratorical, orbital, orchestral, orderly, ordinary, organic, organisational, organismic, organizational, orgiastic, oriental, original, ornate, ornery, orney, ornraier, orphic, orthodontic, orthodox, orthographic, orthopedic, orthorhombic, orwellian.
Osmotic, osseous, ossified, ostensible, ostentatious.

Other, otherworldly.

Outback, outboard, outdoor, outer, outgoing, outlandish, outlying, outmoded, outraged, outrageous, outright, outside, outsized, outspoken, outstanding, outstate, outward, outworn.

Oval, over, overactive, overage, overaggressive, overall, overbearing, overblown, overcerebral, overconfident, overcurious, overdue, overeager, overgenerous, overhand, overhead, overjoyed, overloud, overnight, overprotective, overrated, overseas, oversize, oversized, oversoft, overt, overvaulting, overweight, overwhelming, overwrought, oviform.

Own, owne.