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List Of Christian Baby Boy Names Start With Letter K


2Kaderound and lumpyChristian
3Kadenlittle battleChristian
4KaineA spearChristian
5KalaArt, also phase of moonChristian
6KalebWhole-Hearted; Faithful; Dog (Jewish)Christian
7KaleebA form of Kaleb; Whole-Hearted; Faithful; Dog (Jewish)Christian
9KallebResembling a dogChristian
10KaltanA form of coltonChristian
13Kamcrooked noseChristian
14Kameroncrooked noseChristian
15KammeronCrooked noseChristian
16Kanelittle battleChristian
17Kaolinlittle slender oneChristian
18KarlFree manChristian
19KarltonA form of carltonChristian
20KarsonA form of carsonChristian
21Kaspertrea sure bearerChristian
23Keanancient, distantChristian
24KeatonWhere hawks flyChristian
25KedemOld, ancientChristian
26KedricA form of cedricChristian
27KedrickA form of cedricChristian
28KeenA warrior / one who is sharpChristian
29Keenanlittle ancien toneChristian
31KeeonGod's gracious giftChristian
32KeeshawnFilled wih happinessChristian
33KeevanA beloved and handsome manChristian
34KeevinA beloved and handsome manChristian
35KeeyonGuiding leaderChristian
36Kegantiny little fireChristian
37KeiferBarrel makerChristian
38KeifferOne who makes barrelsChristian
40Keirfrom the mars hlandChristian
41KeldonA form of keltonChristian
43KelsonA form of keltonChristian
44KeltonKeel town; portChristian
45KelvinFrom the river cChristian
46KelwinFriend from the ridgeChristian
47KempFighter; championChristian
48Kenborn of fireChristian
49KenaanPossession kenaz - brightChristian
50KenanPossession kenaz - brightChristian
52KendaleA form of kendallChristian
53KendrellA form of kendallChristian
54Kenelmkeen protectionChristian
55Kenithborn of fireChristian
56KennOf the bright watersChristian
57Kennardroyal guardChristian
58KenndrickA royal ruler / the championChristian
59Kennedyugly headChristian
60KennethRoyal oathChristian
61Kennithcomely finelymadeChristian
62Kennycomely finelymadeChristian
63KenricA form of kenrickChristian
64KenrickBold ruler; royal rulerChristian
66KentonLiterally signifies from kent, englandChristian
67KentrellKing's estateChristian
68KenwardBrave; royal guardianChristian
69Kermitwith out envyChristian
70Kerrfrom the marsh landChristian
71KerrickKing's ruleChristian
72KervinA form of kerwinChristian
73KerwinFriend of the marshlandsChristian
74KeshaunGod is graciousChristian
75KeshawnGod is graciousChristian
76KesterA form of christopherChristian
78Kevanlittle comely oneChristian
79Kevinlittle comely oneChristian
80KevinnA beloved and handsome manChristian
81Kevynlittle comely oneChristian
82KeyKey; protectedChristian
83KeyonnGuiding leaderChristian
85KhalillBeautiful , good friendChristian
87KhallilBeautiful , good friendChristian
89Kianancient, distantChristian
90Kiaranlittle black oneChristian
91KiddChild; young goatChristian
92KieferOne who makes barrelsChristian
93KiefferOne who makes barrelsChristian
94KieronLittle dark oneChristian
96KiingAn attendant of theChristian
97KimballWarrior chiefChristian
98Kimbelroyal courageChristian
99KingsleyKing's meadow.Christian
100KingstonKing's estateChristian
102KippPointed hillChristian
103KirbyCottage by the waterChristian
104Kirklives near a church,Christian
105KirkleyChurch meadowChristian
106KirklinA form of kirklandChristian
107KirtonChurch townChristian
108KlayA form of clayChristian
109KlaytonA form of claytonChristian
111KobbyWoman from californiaChristian
113KodeyA form of codyChristian
114KodiA form of codyChristian
115KodieA form of codyChristian
116KodyA form of codyChristian
117KohlA form of coleChristian
118KolbyA form of colbyChristian
119KoleA form of coleChristian
120KolemanA form of colemanChristian
121KolinA form of colinChristian
122KollinA form of colinChristian
123KoltA short form of koltanChristian
124KoltenA form of coltonChristian
125KoltinA form of coltonChristian
126KoltonA form of coltonChristian
127KoltynA form of coltonChristian
129KonradWise counsel or honest advisorChristian
131KorbinA form of corbinChristian
132KordellA form of cordellChristian
133Koreydeephollow, ravineChristian
134Korideephollow, ravineChristian
135KorreyFrom the hollow; of the churning watersChristian
136Korydeephollow, ravineChristian
137KotyA form of codyChristian
138KraigFrom the rocky place ; as solid as a rockChristian
139KramerA form of cramerChristian
140KrisstopherA follower of christChristian
141KristofferBearing christ (the patron saint of travellers)Christian
142KristopherBearer of christChristian
145KylarA form of kyleChristian
146KyleA narrow piece of land.Christian
147KylerA form of kyleChristian
148KyllerFrom the narrow channelChristian
149KylorA form of kyleChristian