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Top 5 Best Zero Energy Light Companies You Need to Know in 2021

Living in net zero energy homes is becoming a trend these days. Houses consume energy because it is inevitable in modern life. However, proper net zero house plans are an important feature that helps us achieve our zero energy goals. At the same time, this makes it challenging for any zero energy light company to provide the best energy alternatives for homes. To achieve this, zero energy light companies implement four major categories of the electrical smart grid components:

  • Energy source
  • Information Accessories
  • Info-centric controllers
  • Information collectors

Net zero energy homes are important because they ensure low energy consumption and do not contribute much to greenhouse gas emissions which is bad for the planet. The infrastructure of such homes is energy efficient, comfortable, reliable, durable, and most importantly, environmentally friendly.

Let us explain what a net zero home means.

What is a net zero energy home?

By definition, the meaning of a net zero energy home is a building constructed with a design aimed at achieving an efficient way of consuming energy. It is a grid-connected building, capable of generating energy from renewable resources to compensate for the energy demand of the inhabitants. 

Top 5 best zero energy home builders

The increasing need for environmentally friendly construction of homes has ushered in new design strategies. New buildings are becoming a benchmark for others. This leads us to wonder which of the top net are net-zero home builders you can get. Here is a list of the top five best net zero home builders. 

We have sorted these five recommendations based on their level of expertise and affordability. You can get in touch with them for more information.

1. TC Legend Homes (Bellingham, WA) - Sustainable Energy For Homes

Founder: Ted Clifton

Website: TC Legend Homes

Address: 2515 St Paul St, Bellingham, WA 98226, United States

Phone: +1 213-419-8226

Their vision is to create a carbon-neutral future. The homes they make are a pride to own. They provide better homes with comfort and high-efficiency windows. As they prioritize comfort, you will find it very satisfying to return home at the end of the day.

2. Clifton View Homes (Coupeville, WA) - Net Zero Architecture

Founder: Ted L. Clifton

Website: Clifton View Homes

Address: 107 S Main St # G101, Coupeville, WA 98239, United States

Phone: +1 360-678-7000

This company has been one of the best premier custom home builders in Whidbey Island (Washington State). They have been doing this since 1989, and have more than 100 customers living in luxurious energy-efficient homes. They have some very good projects to display.

3. Hammer & Hand (Portland, OR) - Zero Energy Light Company

Founder: Daniel

Website: Hammer & Hand

Address: 2450 6th Ave. S #100 Seattle, WA  98134

Phone: (206) 397-0558

This is one of the best zero energy homes maker in Portland. They also offer net zero construction commercial buildings. They are a general contractor and have been handling projects for the past 25 years. They have offices in Portland, Seattle and Oregon, and Washington. They have a very impressive portfolio.

4. Palo Duro Homes (Farmington, NM) - Net Zero Construction

Website: Palo Duro Homes

Address: 5234 Via Del Cielo, Santa Fe, NM 87507, United States

Phone: +1 505-469-2779

What is amazing about this company is its exceptional indoor air ventilation systems and floor plans. Their designs are innovative and offer a luxurious life with comfort. They began services 56 years ago and are still a very competitive company in this industry.

5. Mandalay Homes (Arizona) - Net Zero Home Builders

Founder: Dave Everson

Website: Mandalay Homes

Address: 1955 Commerce Center Circle #A

Phone: 855-955-6466

This is one of the leading zero energy home building companies in Arizona. They provide healthy homes with great ventilation. They ensure that the indoor air is fresh by installing dial system filtration and purification systems. They ensure energy-efficient homes, with less waste generation.

10 Construction Steps of Net Zero Energy Homes

If you are wondering how a zero energy light company constructs a zero energy home, it involves 10 important steps. 

1. Building orientation

This is the first step. It entails planning the orientation of the building, planning the ridgelines needed to run from east to west. This is important because the roof must slope to give the solar panels enough room to power the house.  

2. The simplistic design and efficient appliances

Net zero energy homes must have a simple design. The idea is to minimize the exterior surface area, which helps save both cost and energy. 

Energy star provides good appliances that are 15% more efficient as compared to others.

3. Proper window orientation

The windows should face south and have zero north-facing windows to prevent facing the sunlight directly. Keeping the windows facing south helps keep the house warm in winters. The design of overheads is also with the intent to limit sunlight.

4. Thermal Mass

The right thermal mass of a house is important. One can use thermal mass concrete countertops, or in the flooring on the mail, level to increase heat storage. It is a good idea to install thermal mass slabs on the second floor of the building. 

5. Building envelop

Ensuring less air leakage is important in building net zero energy homes. Using SIPs panel construction helps to make an envelope around the building. 

6. Balanced insulation

Having good insulation on the walls and the roofing is necessary. We recommend using the R5 window made with modern technology to ensure proper insulation. The closer the wall and lid are, the better the insulation.

7. Balanced ventilation

The zero energy light company will provide you with a HEPA filter to prevent fans and AC from sucking out the air of your house. 

8. Good heating and cooling system

The usually zero energy light companies use ground sources heat pumps with 450% higher efficiency. This allows water to circulate through the ground, and this draws the heat out using a compressor in the pump. This also costs less. 

9. Domestic Hot Water

A water tank is set to draw water from the ground and as it pumps water, it passes through the coil. A solar collector is also a good alternative to heat domestic water. It uses solar energy. There would be a second electric water tank to store the hot water once it heats up.

10. Energy dashboard

After having a complete net zero energy home, you may also want sustainable energy for the house. Installing an energy dashboard helps you track the usage and storage of energy for better efficiency. Good solar panels and a proper system are the keys. 

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of net zero energy homes?

Before opting to own a net zero energy home, you need to consider both the pros and cons. Let us go over these:

Advantages of net zero energy homes

1. Combat Climate Change

The use of good technology, design, and building techniques ensure a net zero carbon emission. 

2. Cleaner and Fresh Indoor Air

The airtight walls in zero energy homes provide pre-heated and pre-cooled fresh air, passed through filters. It is free of pollution and healthy for everyone. 

3. Low Cost of Living

You have a house with no energy bills and only a small fee for the setup. You get to save a lot of money instead of paying utility companies. 

4. A more durable house

You make your house more durable than any other house. Such homes last longer with little or no wear and tear. 

5. Enjoy Comfort all Year

The entire setup of net zero energy homes gives you comfort from heating and cooling. It makes life exceptionally pleasant. 

6. Relaxing and Peaceful Home

The insulated walls and triple panel windows result in a quiet and nice home, free of noise pollution. 

7. The higher resale value of your home

The durable and efficient technology uses in the design of the house adds more value to your home. If you sell it, you get better resale value.

8. Low maintenance house

You get to live in a low-maintenance house, with airtight construction. No moisture means there is less water damage and almost zero mold problems. 

9. Enjoy cleaner energy

Net zero energy homes offer a life free of pollution due to fossil fuels. The energy uses is much cleaner and from the solar panels of your roof.

10. Instant Hot Water

You get to enjoy instant hot water, because of the mechanism that helps conserve the heating. You save a lot on gas and electric bills.

Disadvantages of net zero energy home

There are some problems with net zero homes to expect along the way. Let us explain some of them.

1. Not easy to achieve

Not every home can become a net zero energy home. According to a report by the National Renewable Energy Lab and by the Department of Energy in the US, the potential of achieving net zero energy using the technology by 2025 is very low. Getting there using alternative energy for homes is extremely difficult. 

2. Ignoring other impacts

Aside from the high cost of incurring the technology, there are other structural challenges. In suburban areas, and townhouses, or urban areas, achieving it is easier. However, this leads to ignoring transportation and sources of other sustainable energy for homes. Creating roads for vehicles that offer zero energy consumption is almost impossible on a large scale, even if buildings are made. This does not seem to solve the issue. 

3. Ownership and financing challenges

Large developer-led projects lead to management and integration challenges. How can you create governance structures to connect buildings across streets? How would you get permission to build small neighbourhood utility companies to support zero energy homes?

4. Phasing

Creating large projects requires completion in phases, which makes investing difficult. You need to install HVAC systems and make solutions for ecological wastewater. The key challenge is financing this investment. 

5. Overly complicated

Making net zero energy homes is not easy and does involve many technicalities. This is not very easy to manage for builders. Therefore, it poses quite a challenge.


Living a net zero energy life is a very compelling goal for communities and individuals. It is not about technology and design but also about the net zero architecture. It requires a lot of thinking and planning. Therefore, you must choose the right zero energy light company in your area.