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8 Ball Pool Top Players of All Time – Their Tips, Tricks and Moves

8 Ball Pool Top Players of All Time Their Tips, Tricks and Moves

Are you trying to learn tips and tricks for the 8 ball pool? Do you want to learn the tips of top players? If yes, then read this article carefully and practice these moves frequently to get the best results.

8 ball pool is one of the famous games which is played in both online and offline mode. It is a game which can excite you as well as entertain you. You can challenge your friends and family members in different games and also improve your gaming skills. The 8 ball pool game became the game that can be played even on the national or international level. Many tournaments are organized to get to know the top players. You can participate in various tournaments that are organized on Getmega to win some really exciting cash prizes.

Here we are providing you with information on 8 ball pool top players. Though it is quite difficult to choose the best players, we hope you also agree with our choice.

List Of Top 5 Best 8 Ball Pool Players

We have listed the best 8 ball pool players that are really awesome in their gameplay.

1) Willie Mosconi

Willie Mosconi is the all-time champion and first in the list of 8 ball pool top players. His name was the first name that was introduced in the American Hall of Fame for Billiards Congress. 

In 1954, Mosconi achieved the highest run of innings by 526 balls one after the other. He has set the record for the 8 ball pool game. He was also given the name Mr. Pocket Billiards because of his ability to make trick shots. He has the skill of using many trick shots in only one game, which made him a champion.

2) Ralph Greenleaf

Ralph Greenleaf is on the list of 8 ball pool top players. Greenleaf also made history in the America Hall of Fame for Billiards. He can shoot whether it is a straight pocket or a trick shot. Each shot is easy for him. He has won the championship of World Pocket Billiards 20 times, which is not easy for anyone. 

3) Alok Kumar

Alok Kumar got the first medal on behalf of India in Asian Games. He has made his career in 8 ball pool and has major accomplishments all over the world. He is considered the best 8 ball pool player and he is the first Indian to be inducted into the American Hall of Fame for Billiards Congress. 

4) Luther

Luther was known as the king of pool Hustlers. His introduction was changed after he became the six-time champion in 8 ball pool games and made his way into the American Hall of Fame for Billiards. He was admired by all the 8 ball pool players across the globe because of his intense affinity and coordination during the whole game.

5) Efren Reyes

He was the first 8 ball pool top player to enter the American Hall of Fame for Billiards Congress. He was considered to be the legend in the 8 ball pool game. The magician is the name given to Elfen after his long term affinity for winning 80 championships at the international level. He also won the Derby championship fourteen times, which is quite a remarkable thing as he also went on to win the World Pool League two times.

There are some tips which are followed by every top player in an 8 ball pool game

  • Choose game table wisely

If you don't want to lose the game easily or in a few minutes, then you shouldn't take your game table lightly. If you are a beginner, then you should choose your table wisely. You can choose the practice table as it has full control of cue sticks and shots. You can play 15-20 matches before playing cash games. But when you go to a higher level, you need to change the table but you should change your table only when you are confident enough and sharpen your skills.

  • Play smartly

You have to play smartly if you want to become the top player in an 8 ball pool game. The travel of the ball must go to the middle of the pocket when you are playing a shot and make your shot accurately. There are four corner pockets so you can pocket the ball on them instead of trying to pocket the balls in the pockets in the middle of the table. So, whenever you have to choose to pocket the ball between middle pockets or corner pockets, you should go with corner pockets.


We have given you information about the top 8 ball pool top players. You have to practice the game at free tables before you join the cash tables. You must play the game with a calm mind. To play 8 ball pool online, you can choose the Getmega gaming platform as it is one of the best applications for both beginners and pro players. Hope you find this article insightful. 

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